20 Pretty Faux Flower Stems and Branches

20 Pretty Faux Flower Stems For Any Season

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Most of us have tried every trick and tip in the book to make our fresh flowers last longer. One of the best way to make your florals last is by drying your flowers. Or you could buy some faux flower stems.

Real flowers are always better. But sometimes swapping to faux flowers is so much easier. And nowadays there are so many good quality artificial flowers, that it’s only when you get up close that people realize they’re not real.

These are some of the best faux flowers and branches for your decor arrangements.

Best tips for faux flowers

  • Look for faux flowers that are made from silk. These flowers tend to look more natural and closer to a real flower.
  • There should be wire in the stems. This makes the faux flower and branches adjustable to bend into the right position. Just as a normal flower would do.
  • To make your faux flowers look more realistic, display your faux flowers when they would normally be in season. For example peonies and tulips would be used in the spring.
  • For displaying faux flowers in clear vases add water to make them seem real. Or use ceramic vases so the stems aren’t on show.


Artificial Cream Flower Peony Bud - Afloral

1. Artificial Cream Flower Peony Bud

Peony flowers are so pretty. But they only bloom in a short seasonal period. If you can’t wait for the peony season then this faux flower bud is the next best thing.

2. EcoFaux Star Magnolia Stem 32″

Are you lucky enough to have a magnolia tree? To save you cutting off the branches you can get this pretty faux magnolia stem instead.

3. Artificial Mini Hydrangea Spray

Another favourite for flower blooms is the Hydrangea. These cute mini flower stems come in a set of 3. And with four different colours to choose from.

4. Faux Pussy Willow Spray 

Using beautiful branches instead of flowers is a great look. This faux pussy willow is lovely touch to add to any room at home.

5. Artificial Poppy Silk Flowers

Wildflowers give a beautiful sense of being in nature. And poppies give the perfect sense of being in the countryside.

6. Cottage Pink FaUX FLOWER Rose

You can be looking for a good faux rose for a while. This rose is one of best looking faux roses I found. These roses are made silk and are available from Afloral.

Pink Faux Flower Stem Cottage Rose from Afloral

7. EcoFaux Arbequina Olive Spray

Adding some green foliage like olive leaves to a flower arrangement for interest. Or you can use these faux olive leaf stems by themselves for a simple and natural look.

8. 26″ Artificial Calla Lily StemS

Elegant calla lily flowers will make a stand out centre piece with their extra long stems. These artificial lillies come as a set of six from Wayfair.

Faux Queen Anne's Lace Flower Stem - Crate & Barrel

9. Faux Queen Anne’s Lace Stem

The Queen Anne’s lace flowers offer something different than typical flower blooms. They have a lovely delicate airiness about them.

10. Faux Ruscus Spray

Different types of foliage work so well for decorating. The height and shape of this faux Rucus would be great in floor vase.

Faux Ruscus Spray Anthropologie
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11. White Flowers Artificial Silk Tulips

Tulips are of course a favourite in the Spring season. But these tulips can stay on display for as long as you like.

12. Artificial Flower Pink Peony Bud

Another pretty peony faux flower stem but in a beautiful soft pink. Peonies will always be a favourite!

Artificial Flower Pink Peony Bud
Faux Tuscan Stem

13. Faux Tuscan Stem

A very real looking olive sprig from McGee & Co. I love that these sprigs come with faux olives too, for an authentic look.

14. Artificial Pom Pom Spray

Pom Pom stems are a great way to add a modern touch to your space. These stems give a unique and interesting look.

Artificial Pom Pom Spray
Dahlia Faux Flower Stem from Terrain

15. Dahlia faux flower Stem

This faux dahlia stem would look great for styling a coffee table.

16. white lilac Faux Flower Stem

Delicate blooms like white lilac look great as single stem or in a big bunch together. There are lots of different ways you can style these stems.

Faux Flower Stem White Lilac McGee & Co.
Faux Flower Stem Pink Magnolia Spray

17. Faux Pink Magnolia Spray

There are lots of different faux magnolias out there. I like this one because it has the open magnolia bloom and the bud. Very pretty just by itself.

18. Artificial White Cherry Blossom Flower Branch

Cherry blossoms signal the beginning of Spring. These cherry blossoms look so real, they’ll bring a little life into your space.

Artificial White Cherry Blossom Flower Branch
Faux Rise Sprays Purples

19. Faux Rose Spray Purples

There are so many varieties of roses. But this faux rose climber definitely catches the eye.

20. Artificial Ranunculus Stem

You can get these Ranunculus stems in four different options. Pink, light pink, red and yellow. And they come as a set of six.

Artificial Ranunculus Pink Faux Flower Stem

Flowers can help brighten and lift any room at home. And sometimes faux flowers are the next best thing for cheering up your home any time of the year! You can also check out the post about drying your flowers yourself.


20 Pretty Flower Stems For Any Season

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