Light and Airy Bedroom

6 Simple Tips For Creating A Light And Airy Bedroom

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We love our bedrooms don’t we?! (Well I do!) A place where we can relax, unwind and chill out. It’s where we end and start our day and it’s so very personal to each individual. A light and airy bedroom can give a refreshing and uplifting start to your day. This style isn’t for everyone and a dark and moody bedroom can be equally restful for some. It just depends on your personality and style.

A light and airy bedroom style might suit you better if you’re anything like this:

  • You’re an early riser

You love the sun pouring through in the morning to wake you up. It’s the best way to start your day!

  • If you like a simple design style

For an light and airy bedroom simple design styles usually work best. Scandinavian and modern styles tend to go for the neutral bedroom decor.

  • If you don’t like the winter nights

A lot of people don’t look forward to the dark winter nights drawing in. And in areas like Scandinavia where there’s even less daylight a simple design style is widely adopted to make use of shorter days.

Here are the main points to remember if you want create a light and airy bedroom…

6 Top Light And Airy Bedroom Design Tips

1. Whites & Light Colours

Choosing the right bedroom colour is the main element that will have the most impact. A warm white paint colour will make the bedroom feel larger and allow the light to bounce around more. You might be able to go for a cooler white colour if you get a lot of sun in the bedroom.

Light, neutrals and muted paint colours will also give you a bright and light bedroom space. These kinds of colours along with white, give a simple and classic look. And create a blank canvas to the rest of the space making it feel timeless. It should be a calming and relaxing space.

2. Natural Light

However much natural light you get in to your bedroom make the most out of it! Use light fabrics over the windows like sheer curtains for privacy and let the natural light through.

3. Declutter

Keeping things organized is important if you’re trying to achieve that light and airy look. So be intentional about what items you’re putting out on display and which things need to be put away. Have a good declutter and make a home for everything you need within your bedroom. The pieces of furniture and storage you choose will help in getting this right.

Adding a couple of floating shelves to the bedroom will provide valuable storage space. And it will keep with the design style as well. If there are any niches or nooks in the bedroom you can make good storage use of those spots too.

4. Balance Out The Furniture

The type of furniture you choose for the bedroom will key in the design. Having a lot of big and bulky furniture pieces will take away from that spacious feeling. It adds the visual clutter in the space. So balance your furniture items by mixing, matching and balancing out the pieces.

Choose a couple more weighty pieces and then balance out with more slender and leggy furniture. An example might be an upholstered bed platform bed which sits on the floor. With nightstands that are on legs either side. The more visual space the better especially for a smaller bedroom.

5. Mirrors

Adding a mirror will help double the light in the room. And it makes the bedroom feel so much larger! An amazing floor mirror would be a great decor piece for the bedroom. Mirrors definitely help in creating a light filled space.

6. Bed Linens

Bed linens are a quick and easy way to instantly refresh a bedroom, so don’t forget to include them as part of the overall bedroom look! Keep the bed sheets in the neutrals to tie in with the design look.

Cottons and linen fabrics will be great for the summer and you can layer with knits and blankets for the winter. Add in a pop of colour with the accessories if you feel like neutral everything is too much.


Light and airy bedroom

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