7 Tips For Beautiful Coffee Table Styling Ideas & Looks To Steal

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Decorating is always a fun part of putting any room together. And the living room is one of the best places to showcase your personality with coffee table styling ideas. It’s the area where you can make an impact a little focal point of the seating area in it’s own right.

Everyone’s style is different so it’s always interesting to see various styling ideas. Even though the general principles of coffee table styling remain the same. This usually includes styling with books, personal objects and some kind of foliage or something from nature.

Your coffee table styling should reflect more of what your living room style is. This can be through colours, shapes and the arrangement of the coffee table. Here are some top tips on how to style a coffee table:

Top Styling Tips

1. Interactive

Having something that you can pick up and engage with. Which is why books are great to have on a coffee table. They look great open or closed and anyone can pick up and read through them in their own time.

You can use them to implement height in your arrangement by stacking books in certain places or choosing not to. By sticking to a colour scheme for the book covers that is sure to stand out.

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Add in some of your usual reading novels to add in colour or something more personal like a scrap book, guest book or a photo album. Those kind of books are sure to give you something to talk about when friends and family come over. Something a little more interactive!

2. Add A Base

Choosing another decor item as your styling base like a tray or a bowl is a styling option. The base doesn’t have to include all the decor pieces you’re going to use for styling. It’s a great way to group objects apart from just using the top of the coffee table.

It depends on the style and the look you’re going for and how big your coffee table is. If you have a larger coffee table a foundational element like a tray will help break up the space. Choose to group all your decor pieces with a base or just a select few.

3. Nature

Pulling in something from nature is always a good way to add interest with the styling. Use fresh flowers or dried flowers and grasses. Using crystals and geodes is another way to add in nature to the display. The natural shapes and textures will help break up any linear aspects from using books or if your coffee table is rectangular or square shape.

4. Personal

Like most rooms at home your coffee table should reflect your personality. So include a few unique items that you may have around the homes from your travels or you might have received as gifts. Not everything needs to be new and straight from the shop.

5. Scents

Adding scent isn’t an absolute must but it is a nice touch and creates a different experience. If you’re using fresh flowers then you’ll have that extra sensory. But if not you can add candles or aromatherapy sticks.

6. Heights & Highlights

When styling your coffee table playing with varying heights is important in the scheme. Books are the easiest way to add height but think also think about what you want to highlight. You can use stacks of magazines as well.

By elevating and placing interesting and personal pieces it creates a pedestal (a stack of books) so favourite pieces you can highlight in the vignette. Placing a certain decor piece at a higher position gives it a place of importance.

7. Function

A coffee table should be fun but it still needs to function for you and how you use it. Putting in different height elements brings interest. But using foliage that’s too tall maybe prone to getting totally knocked off the table, especially if it tends to get busy with family life!

Make sure there’s still space on the table for the things you actually need. Your mugs for when you sit down and tv remote if that’s where you keep it etc.

9 Coffee Table Styling Looks

There are lots of different ways to interpret the coffee table styling code! Here are some ideas!


White Pillar Candles | Dried Lunaria

An all neutral natural look for this table styling! Using different sizes of white pillar candles to change up the heights. And the dried lunaria is centre to the group arrangement. The simple arrangement is grounded by grouping them all together on a wooden board.


Candlestick Holder

A pair of coupled stacked coffee books and a rectangular tray are the bases to show off the decorative gold candlesticks and glass pieces.


Pampas Grass | Mirrored Tray

A simple coffee table set up. But the gold finishes give the glamour thats needed to make an impact in an all white living room space. Earthy colour tones along with the pampas grass balance out the luxe style making it feel a bit more casual.


Wooden Server Board | Flameless Candles Set | Wire Baskets

Styling your coffee table is also a chance to change up things for the seasons. Like this simple and beautiful Autumn look from the Sunny Side Up. By using a wooden server board, candles and little gourds, green foliage and gold decorations it makes a lovely centre piece.

There’s still plenty of space on the table to put down your mugs down. And I love how its still super organized underneath storing magazines in wire baskets keeping with the industrial look of the coffee table.


Ceramic Bust Vase | Louis Vuitton Book

A fluted detailed design coffee table displays an assorted collection of decor pieces to tie in with the transitional living room scheme. From a neo-classical bust sculpture vase and candle snuffer to a modern Louis Vuitton coffee book.


Faux Orchid Stem | Candle

Sometimes a minimal look is all that’s needed to get grab the attention towards the coffee table. All you need is a few carefully chosen items to complete the look.

`Even a minimal styled table still has a few of the main styling principles included. With a faux orchid for nature, a scented candle and the books for engagement and playing with the heights.


Live Beautiful Book | White Chain Links

A modern farmhouse style cozy living room uses white decor items for styling the coffee table. The blush bouquet adds texture and adds a hint of colour while still keeping with the overall neutral look.


Wood Beads

Another seasonal look for the Fall from Cedar Lane. Styled with natural elements like wood and wicker along with coffee table books and some foliage.


Black Candle | Gold Mirrored Tray

A luxe styling set up using the colour black, white and gold throughout the arrangement. The flowers add a bright pop of colour but still add the elegant feel. The contrasting rectangular shape of the books opposite the round tray and objects opposite make the styling playful.

Lots of different styling looks to choose from. It’s all about playing around with the shapes and positions and seeing what look good. And it’s so easy to change around for a new look or a for a seasonal style!

Hope you liked the coffee table styling ideas and all the tips!


Coffee Styling Ideas tips and looks to steal

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