15 Gorgeous Best Home Bar Cabinets For Hosting

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Every now and then there’s an excuse to have a little drink at the end of the day and put your feet up. Make it a little home moment with a stylish home bar cabinet in your living room or dining room. Not exactly happy hour but close enough to it!  

Add your favourite drinks to your cabinet and style with your best drink glasses and pieces. It looks sophisticated, and stylish and it’s super functional and an easy alternative to built-in bars at home. And of course, bar cabinets are the perfect furniture piece for hosting and entertaining.

If you’re looking for a more permanent fixture than a bar cart, (and more storage space) then a bar cabinet is the perfect choice for your room. Pick from tall bar cabinets or buffet-height designs, here are some of the best bar cabinets best picks of all different shapes, styles and various sizes. 

Best Home Bar Cabinets Picks

Best Home Bar Cabinets

1. Mota Burl Wood Cabinet

Dimensions: 38″W x 18″D x 38.5″H

The Mota Burl bar cabinet is a stunning statement piece that will stand the test of time. It has plenty of room for storage inside the cabinet with a built-in stemware rack for wine glasses at the top, adjustable shelves and a drawer for your bar essentials.

This cabinet is a lovely and unique piece made of high-quality materials. It’s sure to be a talking point with your guests any time they’re over for dinner. A super stylish design that will look great even if a mini bar is not your thing. 

2. Optical Inlay Bar Cabinet

Dimensions: 34″W x 19″D x 52.5″H

​Anthropologie has this amazing monochrome bar cabinet made with bone inlay for an incredible feature pattern. The deep green inside of the bar cabinet is a nice surprise when opened up.

And gorgeous brass hardware for the stemware holders and the outside of the cabinet finish the piece off perfectly. The bar cabinet has a drawer and two shelves for storage. It sits high off the floor but the width is great for a small space. 

3. Ventena Black Glass Bar Cabinet

Dimensions: 39″W x 15.75″D x 63.5″H

The Ventena bar cabinet is a mini version of the full-size Ventena cabinet. It stands just over 5 feet with its glass doors making it a good size for a bar area. The Ventena is a beautiful design with its oval-shaped door.

The only downside is that all the shelves inside are fixed so you might not be able to fit the extra tall wine bottles in. But there’s still lots of storage for your bar accessories. 

4. Vivien Bar Cabinet

Dimensions: 36″W x 17.5″D x 35″H

Instead of a buffet bar the West Elm Vivien bar cabinet is an excellent choice for a dining room.

A glamorous and modern design that has everything you need for hosting. It includes a built-in glass rack and a wine rack with adjustable shelves. The perfect bar cabinet! Furniture pieces like this and fluted pieces add great interest and texture. 

5. Taos Arabescato Marble Bar Cabinet

Dimensions: 43″W x 19.5″D x 35.5″H

This bar cabinet finished in Arabescato marble is a stunning focal point for your sophisticated living space. Something different from the Carrara marble. A dramatic piece of furniture that will remain a classic for years to come. 

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6. Philene Bar Cabinet

Dimensions: 38″W x 17″D x 52″H

Lulu and Georgia’s Philene bar cabinet is a natural and beautiful low-key piece made of mango wood and woven rattan. This piece gives your interior space warm and organic textures while giving a wine enthusiast all they need for hosting duties.

There’s ample storage space for liquor bottles and wine. And a drop-down front so you have a solid surface to make your drinks on. 

7. Waverly Bar Cabinet 

Dimensions: 31″W x 19″D x 46.5″H

If the Mid-Century look is your style then the Waverly cabinet is a great choice for your wine storage and cocktail-making tools.

This wooden mini bar cabinet has interior shelves on both inside of the doors, two adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf. As well as a pullout drawer and a stemware holder for your glasses.

Despite it’s simple appearance it really does hold a lot for a small wine cabinet. This cabinet is great if you have limited space as it’s narrow in width but can stock your bar tools and your standard wine glasses.

8. West Natural Cane Storage Bar

​Dimensions: 40″W x 20″D x 70″H

Wooden bars are a great fit for any space but if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary this Cane Storage Bar by Leanne Ford is a great addition. Woven mesh doors give a slight peek of your drinks stored inside.

When you open it up it has a mirror back panel reflecting your drink stash back to you. It’s one of the top sellers for Crate and Barrel and so far it has over 150 reviews. Coming in a round shape, different from the norm.

And with three finishes to choose from. It’s a head-turning bar cabinet for sure!  

9. Freda Bar Cabinet

Dimensions: 34″W x 19″D x 39″H

This bar cabinet is all glamour and glitz. A stunning gold accent piece for a focal point in your living room. The Freda bar cabinet is made of mango wood and covered in brass sheeting for an ultimate wine bar cabinet at home.

It’s a beautiful alternative to a wooden bar cabinet and is made of high-quality materials. This modern bar cabinet comes highly rated on Crate & Barrel’s website too. 

10. Anabella Bar Cabinet

Dimensions: 38″W x 17.5″D x 36.5″H

If modern bar cabinets aren’t your thing, the Anabella bar cabinet has a pretty antique style to it. With gold hardware handles to compliment the dark finish of the wood. The shelves are reservable and removable if needed so you can store your bottles of wine standing up or on the side whichever way is best. 

11. Trent Bar Cabinet

Dimensions: 38″W x 18″D x 71″H

The Trent bar cabinet is a super luxe piece from Pottery Barn with faux shagreen doors and wrapped handles. Brass hardware makes this bar cabinet a perfect addition to an elegant space. 

12. Avalon Rattan Bar Cabinet

Dimensions: 40″W x 15.25″D x 35.25″H

Looking for a retro feel? The Avalon bar cabinet has a gorgeous design made from rattan. You can use this as your bar liquor cabinet or simply use it as a storage piece at home. Wherever you put it, it’ll be a stand-out piece regardless. 

13. Fern Bar Cabinet

Dimensions: 35.25″W x 17″D x 65.5″H

Curved furniture pieces are a great way to create a focal point in your space. And the Fern cabinet from Anthropologie has seven different options for colours and finishes to choose from.

This piece is a great alternative to a built-in bar at home. And you’ll be able to move it wherever you go. It’s the perfect mix of having a display cabinet with glass doors complete with a glass stem rack, shelves and drawers. And plenty of room for your wine bottles with a built-in wine rack underneath. 

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14. Suspend Black Marble and Dark Wood Cabinet

Dimensions: 23.5″W x 15″D x 74″H

The Suspend cabinet is the slimmest bar cabinet on the list. So if you’re short on space this comes narrow and nice and tall for smaller spaces. An elegant design with a beautiful black marble to the back of the cabinet and the shelf.

This bar cabinet has two options, a white marble and a warm walnut finish instead of the dark walnut and the black marble. Both are totally beautiful it’s up to you which finish will fit your interior design better. 

15. Amber Lewis For Anthropologie Bar Cabinet 

 Dimensions: 42″W x 18″D x 70″H

For a traditional and classic style, this bar cabinet by Amber Lewis for Anthropologie comes highly rated. Choose from a stained black wood finish or natural wood grain. With space to display your favourite pieces at the top of the cabinet and a glass door cabinet underneath with a wine rack and more shelf storage. 

Bear in mind if you prefer a cabinet with an adjustable shelf or removable wine rack as you need it to be functional for you. You can also get bar cabinets that have space for an ice maker or a wine fridge if that’s something you would like.

Decide on whether a bar cabinet that hides everything away or a display piece is more your style.

That wraps up the at-home bars, they are all different sizes and have a variety of materials to choose from. These are the best options I’ve found. All you need is the perfect place in your home to put it!


15 Gorgeous Best Home Bar Cabinets For Hosting

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