6 Tips To Create A Successful Working Routine From Home

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Working from home can be a double edged sword. So getting a routine for working from home is key to getting the best out of your day. And if you are employed by someone else to keeping your job!

There are so many advantages by working from home but there can be just as many distractions. With no set routine and no one checking over your shoulder to see how progress is going, work can easily stray.

Here are some tips to get focused and zoned in for working routine at home.

1. Plan The Night Before

It helps to plan the night before. What you’re going to be working on even what outfit you’re going to wear. Less decisions to make about other stuff means more time to actually work on what you’re supposed to be doing.

2. Use A Planner

I find that using a planner is a great way to write and plan things out instead of using a computer or your phone. When using a calendar on your phone or computer that device can easily become a distraction. You’re more than likely going to be checking your notifications, who’s called, if your favourite YouTuber uploads a video, you’re going to watch it!

You don’t want to spend the majority of your time deciding what first do rather than just doing it. A lot of procrastinating can happen here! So write it out before hand.

3. Create The Right Space

Whether it’s a dedicated home office or a dedicated area of a room, it’s a good idea to create a place that is just for you when it’s time to work. It should be a place that is organized and that is relatively quiet with some inspiration so it’s not boring.

4. Get Ready

In the morning get ready as if you were having to leave home to work at the office.

Why? It gets you in that working frame of mind even though you don’t have to go any where.

If you wake up late then that is going to take a major chunk out of your day. Probably more so than if you were having to go anywhere because lets face it your not going to be rushing. Your desk is round the corner!

Getting dressed appropriately for the day. This doesn’t mean having to be dressed up to the nines but if you need to dip out anywhere for work or non work related you’ll be ok.

5. Work In Blocks Of Time

It’s so easy for time to slip by! You look at your watch at it’s hour later and you’re still on the task you’d said you’d finish 2 hours before. Set an egg timer and plan your blocks in 90 minute block periods. This is to be considered a good time span to work in chunks while being the most productive without getting bored of the task.

Obviously depending on what tasks you have to do this will vary from day to day. You might need to dedicate a whole to day to something. But something as simple as getting up and taking a stretch every couple of blocks will help.

6. Take A Break

Always schedule a lunch break for yourself and move from your work space to a different part of the house. Take a wander in to the garden. By removing yourself physically from your work space you will feel like you’ve had a proper break. This way you’ll be ready for work when break is over.

Have you found yourself working from home more the last few months? What is your working routine like? Do you prefer it to working in an office? Let me know in the comments below!


6 Tips To Create A Successful Working Routine From Home: Working from home has lots of advantages but along with the advantages come a long list of distractions! So it's important to get a good working schedule in place for a successful working life at home as you are the one who is control so time management is important! Here are 6 tips to create a working routine that works for you. @chloedominik #workingfromhome #workingfromschedule #workfromhomescheduletimemanagement #workingfromhomeroutine

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