12 Inspirational Ideas For Outdoor Living

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Summer season is upon us! Which means whole lot of outdoor living all being well weather wise! Here are some ideas to get make the most of the sunshine season for those bbq’s, parties and quiet time outdoors.


The featured image is great outdoor living patio.

Hanging some outdoor lanterns to your space gives it even more of an indoor living feeling.

Outdoor Living in the City
Source: Aryas Home

Living in the city might be a problem for being overlooked in all directions. But with a mix of screening and box trees you can still enjoy your outdoor area.

Outdoor Living Mediterranean Style
Source: Clodi Home

Some fabric draped across the beams of an outdoor pergola gives it a relaxing Mediterranean feel.


Outdoor living can still look and feel as cozy as being inside. Arranging enough flexible seating around a fire pit adding cushions and blankets will give it a great feel.

A monochrome look will never fail indoors or outdoors. The greenery of the plants adds enough vibrancy and colour to the space.

Outdoor Living Fire Pit
Source: Crunch Home

A built in fire pit with built in seating around is great for a fun social night.

Source: Vidur

A simple living room setup underneath a pergola with fairy lights and planting will have you entertaining guests all summer evening.


This corner balcony has managed to everything an outdoor space needs. A small dining table for two and a small corner sofa. The curtain provides just enough privacy from being open to all sides.

Source: Hunker

If you don’t feel comfortable being fully open every time you come outside, a screen is a perfect way to give you shading, privacy and still enough light to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Even the smallest of areas you can make the most out of. Painted all white with a little green wall, making the most out of the square footage. And a table that can slid out from the seating.

Sometimes all you need is nature to take care of the decoration and the privacy. Adding some bamboo plants gives you all the light and shade you need.

What are your ideas for outdoor living ideas? Need some help with ideas, let’s have a chat.


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