Minimal Art Prints Roundup

19 Beautiful Minimal Art Prints For Your Walls

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Minimalism is everywhere at the moment! Simplified in our daily lives, our homes and in our art. Minimal art prints have been on the scene for a long time and we love them! From huge one off focal pieces, to layering as part of a collection in a wall gallery.

Picking the art that goes in your home says so much about you and your space. It’s one of those things that can take ages but when you found the right piece, the room feels finished. And shows off some of your personality. Even the most sparsely decorated spaces what’s in the room and what’s not says a lot.

Art is so personal so what some what call minimal art will totally differ to what others would call minimal. What is minimal art? It’s essentially art that has been simplified down in some way. So that interpretation could mean many things. And depending on the person that could be seen in lots of different ways.

Here is a roundup of some favourites for minimal art prints…

Minimal Art Prints

1. Black & White Brush Strokes

Bold paint strokes seem to be a favourite in minimal art prints. They’re expressive and simple and pretty easy to do yourself if you really want to get creative! But if not this black and white minimal print is available from Society 6.

2. Minimalist Bird Print

There’s always something about nature that is so calming. This beautiful art print showing a flock or birds flying past the sun in muted colours, sets a tranquil vibe for the room. There’s definitely a Scandinavian or Japandi feel about this art print.

3. Plant Life Design

I love the shapes and the colours in this print. Simple but by no means boring!

4. Anna Mainz Watercolor VII

This watercolour art print by Anna Mainz comes in A1 size. So it’s larger than life, great for a focal piece. When ordered it comes framed with the print.

5. Botanical Watercolor Leaf Print

Botanicals and all things nature inspired are always a nice addition to your walls. Like this beautiful single botanical leaf wall print. Available as a single art print or as a set of 3 botanical prints.

6. Henri Matisse Print

Sometimes it’s nice have something from an all time great even if it’s not the original. There are too many Matisse prints to choose from that would look great in any style room. The colours in this print stand out even though its of a minimalist style. You can’t really go wrong by choosing from one of the masters!

7. Black Vertical Lines Print

Some might argue that pieces like this with just lines on is not really art. To some that might be true but I always love a good piece of line work to hang on the wall.

8. Fae Jay Midday Heat Print

Contrasting colour blocks make up this conversationalist art print. It seems like this could be brought back from a long travelling holiday. You’ll definitely get a few questions a

9. Banana Palm Art Print

This botanical art print tells a story all by itself. When I look at it I think of an ancient Greek mythological tale being told through a painting.

10. Definition Prints

These minimal definition prints are fun to serve as little cute reminders around the home.

11. Awakenings

A colourful abstract piece by Sarina Diakos sure to make a statement wherever you put it.

12. Abstract World Art Print

Watercolour Abstract Minimal Art Print

Seemingly random watercolour shapes, marks and inkings create a world in itself.

13. Thoth Adan Abacus Wall Art

Thoth Adam Anthopologie Minimal Art Prints

A monochrome abstract watercolour by Thoth Adan will give a modern contemporary feel to your space.

14. Tribal Design Print

H&M Tribal Print

A modern abstract print in a warm colour palette from H&M.

15. Summer Fern

Summer Fern Botanical Abstract

A bright and lively botanical art print that will bring life to your room. No living plants necessary!

16. Sunset Art

Sunset Abstract Art Print

A golden yellow bold and bright abstract piece to set the tone. A minimal art style doesn’t have to be quiet.

17. Minimalist Coordinates Print

Minimal Art Print Coordinates Etsy

I love this idea! The simplifying of an important place or location into just co-ordinates. A great memory piece to put on on your wall.

18. Vintage Rose Art Print

Vintage Rose Art Print H&M

A moody minimalist art print with beautiful magnolia stem against a dark background. Love the dark and pretty vintage feel about the style.

19. Linen Lines #4

Minimal Linework Art Print

Curved black lines against a cream background makes the minimal line work playful and fun!

There are lots of interpretations of what minimal art is. These minimal art prints are just some of the favourites that I found. Lots of different amazing art styles and inspiration for you!


Minimal Art Prints

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