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4 Things To Remember When Creating The Ultimate Drop Zone

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If you have piles of stuff stacking up in a corner somewhere, you’ll already sense that you could probably do with a drop zone! Creating a drop zone doesn’t have to be a big decor job. It’s just to help keep your home organized. As it’s sometimes it’s easier to throw everything into a cupboard or a corner out the way.

A home drop zone is just more intentional to keep the mess at bay!

What is A Drop Zone?

It’s simply an organized place where you can put things that ordinarily don’t have a home. Things like your keys, papers, coats and shoes and any other randoms that tend to get dumped anywhere! Another solution for reducing clutter around the home!

How To Create A Drop Zone

1. Choose Your Spot

Creating a drop zone might be especially handy in a smaller home. It might be open concept where you immediately walk into the living room area. Or the hallway might be too narrow there’s no space to put in table or a bench. But your drop zone doesn’t have to be in the hallway.

You’ll know the place which is best for you and the family judging from the busiest places in the home. It might be the kitchen, a spot in the living room or an interior niche you can utilize. Saving space on precious areas like the kitchen counter or the dining room table.

2. Storage Style

The right kind of storage is going to make or break if the drop zone is functional for you. Once you’ve chosen your spot that is going to determine the size of furniture (if any) you can have there. So choose wisely!

Your drop zone might be a wall area consisting of hooks and a notice board. And if that’s the best spot to have it, then those are all the items you need!

If you know things aren’t going to be put away neatly then go for closed option storage. It won’t matter how messy it gets when its all hidden away! If you do have the room for shelves or even a DIY built in go for a mixture of open and closed. You’ll need quick access to some things when running out of the door!

3. Storage Within Storage

Now you have you created where you drop zone is going, remember there still needs to be organization within the overall area. Otherwise it’s very easy for everything to get disorganized again! So assess properly what you will be using it for and plan accordingly. Storage baskets, trays, folders and bowls for styling and keeping things orderly.

4. Functional But Pretty

The main idea of a drop zone is to be organized and functional. But it should still look good. So don’t forget to add in your home decor and personal touches! Add your photos and your a couple of your favourite pieces to keep in with your style.

Drop zone Ideas

Stylish Home Drop Zone idea

If you just need a simple step up to keep your smaller items in one place, then all you need is a nice table. Add a few decorative accessories to style your table. With a least one of the items being a functional piece like a shallow decorative bowl or a tray.

This is more of a minimalist drop zone idea but a stylish one!

A large floor mirror is a big statement to have in your home. An open console table pairs nicely with a floor mirror. And keeps the style simple. For decorating as it’s more minimal style you only need a couple of pieces. I like this donut vase from H&M for the flowers and a modern table lamp that finishes the table arrangement.

Home Drop Zone Ideas - 4 Things To Remember When Creating The Ultimate Drop Zone

1 Floor Mirror | 2. Donut Vase | 3. Decorative Bowl | 4. Table Lamp | 5. Console Table

Small Drop Zone Ideas

One of the main problems with stuff piling up is the lack of space. When you have limited space always make the most of the vertical wall area. This idea is great if you don’t have much room and it will keep your home super organized.

Different types of storage will maximize your drop zone area. A combination of wall shelves and hooks are ideal for storing hats and bags.

Ikea’s STALL storage cabinet will help you keep stuff out of the way and off the floor and won’t take up much floor space. Ikea’s shoe cabinet is just wide enough to pop a wire basket on top to store your letters.

If you’re on a budget then this idea is the best for spending a little as possible.

Drop Zone organization

It’s totally up to you as to where you put your drop zone. It could be in an entryway or in a living room. This drop zone idea would work in either room. Having a console that has drawer or cabinet storage is always helpful. A console that has closed an open storage is a plus. Storage baskets are a great extra to keep on the open shelf.

Accessories like a calendar or a notice board will be a welcome reminder to your weekly routine. For the top of your console a pen holder to write your calendar dates. And a cute little tray to keep keys and small items.

If you’re placing your drop zone in the entryway, a mirror is always a good addition.

Hopefully these drop zone ideas will inspire you to declutter other areas of your home and is step in the right direction to creating an organized home that you love!


Drop Zone Ideas

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