Modern Front Door Decor: 8 Great Steps To Updating Your Entry

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Your front door is the first thing guests see when they visit your home. It’s also the perfect opportunity to express your personal style and make a great first impression. Modern front door decor instantly lifts your home’s whole look and feel.

Decorating your front door can boost your home’s curb appeal and create a welcoming atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these simple steps to create a stunning entryway that will wow your guests.

Steps To Update Your Entry

Step 1: Choose a Color Scheme


First, the look of your front door. Color plays a crucial role in setting the tone for your entryway. The right color can make your exterior door pop and complement the overall style of your home. A change in paint color makes a huge difference to your front entrance.

You can give your front door a fresh coat of paint. Or change the color for a new look, and it’ll only cost you a couple of cans of paint to bring new life to your front entrance. 

  • The Importance of Color: Colors can evoke different emotions and styles. Bright colors like red and yellow can create a cheerful and welcoming vibe. And is great for adding a pop of color to your home and standing out on your street. While more muted tones like navy or forest green can add a touch of elegance.
  • Tips for Choosing a Color: Start by considering the overall style of your home. For a modern look, you might opt for bold, contrasting colors. Classic colors like black, white, or deep red might be best for a more traditional home.
  • The Natural Look: You don’t have to go for a paint color if you don’t want to. Wooden doors left natural are a beautiful way to achieve a modern style without doing much to it. Get the best door you can afford for your entry door. If this is the kind of style of like, good quality is key.

Step 2: Select the Right Door Hardware


New hardware is like jewelry for your front door. It adds a finishing touch that can enhance the overall look.

  • Types of Hardware: There are many types of door hardware to consider, including door handles, knockers, and mail slots. Each piece can add a unique touch to your door. Some beautiful door knockers add a unique touch to your front door. 
  • Matching the Style: Choose hardware that complements your door’s color and style. For example, sleek, minimalist hardware works well with modern doors, black accents are a popular choice. While ornate brass or iron pieces can enhance a traditional or rustic door.
  • Installation Tips: If you’re replacing existing hardware, make sure the new pieces match the dimensions of the old ones to avoid extra drilling. For new installations, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and consider hiring a professional if you’re unsure.

Step 3: Address Numbers


Decorating with your house numbers is an easy way of upgrading your front entrance with little effort. The biggest effort will be in deciding what style and size to choose. Color, material and size are all things to consider.

Just think about the best location for your number signage to be seen. And if a back plate will help in making your number stand out. Is it above your door? A side wall or just before you get to the door? 

There are great customized options from places like Etsy where you can put in your street name, numbers and other options.

Step 4: Add a Wreath or Door Decoration


Wreaths and door decorations are a great way to add personality and charm to your front door.

  • Seasonal Wreaths: Change your wreath with the seasons to keep your door looking fresh and inviting depending on the time of year. Spring wreaths might feature flowers and pastel colors, while summer wreaths can include bright blooms and greenery. Fall is perfect for wreaths with autumn leaves and berries. Winter calls for evergreen branches, pinecones, and festive ribbons for Christmas upgrades.
  • DIY Decorations: Creating your own door decorations can be a fun and rewarding project. Flower baskets, DIY wreaths or floral bunches for the front door are easy to make. Use materials like decorative ribbons, artificial flowers, bells and other items like mini pumpkins or seashells for seasonal ideas. 
  • Placement Tips: Hang your wreath or decoration at eye level for the best impact. Use a sturdy hook or an over-the-door hanger to secure it in place. Or tie it tightly around your door knocker. Ensure it’s well attached to withstand wind and weather.

Step 5: Door Mat


A doormat is both practical and decorative and another way to make a nice first impression. Choose one that matches your style and personality and welcomes your guests.

Your welcome mat can be a personalized doormat, layered with another pattern or a bright-colored mat underneath. Either way, a mat outside your front door does double duty by wiping off dirty shoes and an invite to come in.

And that you’ve thought about the outside of your home as well as the inside. Seasonal mats are a fun way to change things up!

Step 6: Enhance with Lighting


Good lighting not only makes your front door look beautiful but also adds safety and security.

  • Types of Lighting: Consider wall sconces on either side of the door, a pendant light, or even string lights above. Adding hurricane lanterns at the front of your door or up the steps makes a lovely entrance through any season. And you don’t have to worry about installation. 
  • Choosing the Right Light: Think about the style and brightness of the lights. LED lights are energy-efficient and come in various styles. Ensure your lighting is bright enough to illuminate the entryway but not so bright that it’s blinding. For soft lighting, you can use flameless candles in lanterns on automatic timers to come on for the evenings. 

Step 7: Incorporate Plants and Greenery


Plants and flowers are an ideal way to create a warm welcome. Whether you have a large porch or not much space this is the easiest way to add some decorative elements to your outdoor space. 

  • Planters and Pots: Choose planters that match your door’s color scheme and style. Large, bold planters can make a statement, while smaller pots can be used for subtle accents. Using plant pots of different sizes and heights adds interest to your home’s exterior. 
  • Types of Plants: Select plants that thrive in your climate and match the amount of sunlight your entryway receives. Consider evergreens for year-round greenery, or switch out seasonal flowers for a fresh look.
  • Arranging Plants: Place larger planters on either side of the door for symmetry. Use smaller pots to fill in gaps and add layers. Hanging baskets can add height and dimension to your decor. Also, window boxes are a great way to decorate if you’re limited on outdoor space. 
  • Climbers: You could plant a climber such as a rambling rose, or a clematis on an exterior side wall. It will take time to grow, but over the years will turn into a stunning adornment over your front door. Just ensure plants like these aren’t in the shade and have enough natural light to grow. 

Step 8: Outdoor Seating


This step isn’t for everyone but if you have the space, why not? Seating for a front porch is a perfect choice. A swing seat or a bench is great for a large porch. Even if you don’t have a porch area, a small area is big enough for a single seat or even a small table and chair.

My front area gets a lot of sun in the summer so I love sitting outside to catch the last of the sun in the evenings. So I like to use a fold-up table and chair that’s easy to put away for the winter. 

Modern Front Door Decor Ideas 

Idea One

For modern front door decor, black with gold accents always gives an elevated look to any space. Evergreen plants and modern hardware make this look an all-year round modern classic. The scripted hello doormat adds a playful element to the front entrance.

Idea Two

This look is stylish but still practical. The beautiful gold knocker is a unique piece that stands out against the black door. Little pops of color from the limoncello swag and the teal bistro set add a modern twist to a sophisticated look.

Idea Three


1 Outdoor Metal Flushmount | 2. Grey & Mirrored Number Plaque | 3. Door Knocker | 4. Outdoor Window Box | 5. Faux Boxwood Topiary | 6. Checkered Rug | 7. Minimal Custom Doormat | 8. Metal Outdoor Lanterns

A front entry look that mixes traditional with the modern. Classic decor pieces like the door knocker and lanterns with a minimal style door mat and a clean metal plaque blend perfectly together. Modern front door decor that gives a nod back to the classics!

Decorating your front door is a simple and enjoyable way to enhance your home’s curb appeal and create a welcoming entrance.

By following these steps and incorporating your personal style, you can create a front entry that not only looks great but also makes a lasting impression on your guests. Use these tips to make your front entrance the standout feature of your home!



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