10 Interior 2020 Trends That Will Be Carrying On Next Year

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There are some trends that around for more than just one year. Here are some 2020 trends in interior design that will be staying around for year to come!


A material that everyone was tired of and looked out dated by the early 90’s has experienced a come back in recent times. With stunning bathrooms and kitchens interiors fully clad in playful terrazzo patterns. This terrazzo pattern used for this bathroom floor has been doing the rounds in the interior.

Rattan & Wicker

More and more the focus has been increasing on sustainable materials used in interiors. Rattan and wicker has been all over interiors for its simple beauty, durability and sustainability. Great for all kinds of accessories and furniture like used in this interior. Lighting, wall decor and furniture.

10 Interior 2020 Trends That Will Be Carrying On Next Year - Rattan and Wicker
Source: Es Schrankde

Art Deco

Furniture with soft edges and curves have been becoming more popular. If you’re looking for a statement piece, art deco has the impact, style, luxury and detail to stand out in the room!

Art Deco Velvet Accent Chair -10 Interior 2020 Trends That Will Be Carrying On Next Year: A sumptuous curved art deco accent chair decked in velvet is the way to relax in ultimate comfort and definitely a trend that will be following through to next year. @chloedominik #curvedchair #curvedfurniture #artdecochair #2020interiordesigntrends #2021interiordesigntrends #velvetfurniture
Source: Made


A fusion of Scandinavian interior simplicity and the warmth of materials used in the Japanese home comes together to create the Japandi interior. Function, simplicity and beauty rolled in to one will be carrying through for 2020.


Marble isn’t going to be going away any time soon. Known for its beautiful markings in an array of colours used commonly in bathrooms and kitchens.

Instead of using the natural stone which is high porosity, expensive and high maintenance faux marble is going to take it’s place. There are a lot of great quality faux stones out there that look like the real thing. Caesarstone is one of them. Looks exactly like marble with out the worry of stains and spillages.


Tiling seems like an obvious design trend that’s going to be sticking around. But it’s not going to be the regular subway tile used for kitchen backsplashes and shower rooms. A lot more interesting tiles are available 3D tiles, textured and uniquely shaped tiles. Not just used for your kitchen and shower room. Thinking more outside the traditional use like for kitchen islands, living rooms and even in the bedroom.

Tiled Kitchen Island
Source: Home To Z


Bold and patterned wallpapers have been all over interiors for the past few years. The accent walls a long gone with interiors going big and dramatic by wallpapering the whole room for maximum impact.


Velvet is such a practical and useful fabric for furniture. Its comfortable, yet luxurious and high in durability. Great for bed headboards, sofas, curtains and accessories. It’s inevitable that velvet was to stay around for 2020 trends.


As much as a good portion of designers would love to say bright and bold colour is going to take over in the homes. Neutrals are here to stay. Always. Warm and earthy tones will be the new neutrals taking over for 2020 trends.

Which 2020 trends will you be keeping in your rooms for next year? Let me know in the comments!


10 Interior 2020 Trends That Will Be Carrying On Next Year

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