15 Stylish Office Desk Accessories For Him He’ll Love

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Who doesn’t like having some work desk inspiration? A few little desk decor items can give a boost for productivity as well as create a work space. These desk accessories will look great on any desk as well practical.

Here is a gift guide on office desk accessories for him. Whether he’s working from the office or working from home. You’re sure to find an idea that he’ll appreciate and create an inspired work space…

office desk accessories for him 

Cube Rotation Timer


The top advice for working efficiently is using the time blocking method. Keep up productivity to the max with this rotation timer for your work tasks.

Office Desk Organization - Tray Desk Organizer Trio Set from Lulu and Georgia

2. Tray Trio Set

An organization tray set of three to keep the essentials together. Keep these simple trays nested together or as separate on the work desk. But either way it will definitely help eliminate the clutter.

Desk Decor - Travertine Sculpture from McGee & Co

3. Travertine sculpture

Pieces that are just purely for decor purposes are always nice to have displayed. This travertine sculptural piece will add interest to any work area. Or you can use as bookends for your table or shelves.

Wood Desk Organizer

4. wooden desk organizer

A compact wooden desk organizer to keep all the important memos and your favourite pens close to hand.

Cool Desk Accessory - LED Display word Clock

5. LED Word Clock

This LED word clock doubles as a modern accessory for the desk. It’s definitely different and unique from your standard clock.

Metal Storage Box

6. oswald metal box

Having some things tucked away out of sight is always going to help reduce the stuff on your desk. So this lidded storage box will be a good addition for an office.

Turning Desk Calendar from Etsy

7. turning desk calendar

I always have to have a calendar near by. (I have two, not including my Google calendar). This desk calendar is a practical display piece to have.

Potted Succlent Plant from Lula's Garden

8. potted Succulent plant

Rather than just looking at screens, papers and files all the time, bring in a plant for something different to look at. Succulents are low maintenance plants. So you don’t have to worry about water on light much.

Lamicall Tablet Stand from Amazon

9. Lamicall tablet stand

Having multiple screens is common at any place of work. This Lamicall tablet stand will come in handy and can be used anywhere else at home. It’s reviews are top rated on Amazon. And it’s available in different colour finishes.

Luxury desk Accessories - Gallaway Leather Desk Pad from Amazon

10. Gallaway leather desk PAD

Using a desk pad comes in handy for keeping laptops and tablets in place. This leather desk pad is extra long and will help protect the surface of your work desk.

Cyclinder USB Task Lamp from Williams Sonoma

11. cyclinder usb task table lamp

Good lighting is important in any office. Having a task light is a must. This lamp comes in extra handy with a USB port if you need to charge any equipment while working.

Grid Organization Basket from Lulu and Georgia

12. Grid organization BASKET

Sometimes we need a basket to put the things we need to come back to. Think of it as a general sorting system.

Pen Holder cLips from Amazon

13. 4 Piece pen Holder clips

How many of us have searched the place for that one pen we like? Clip these to notebooks and pop your pen in the loop so you know when your pen when you need to write.

Leather Pen Case Holder from Amazon

14. pen case holder

If you only write occasionally then this leather pen holder might be more suitable. Place ready on your desk or away in your drawer.

Stationary Organization - Task Planner Notebook from Studio McGee

15. Task Planner notebook

Whether you need to brainstorm, plan out your month for targets and projects, it’s always a good idea to have a notebook to keep your organized.

Those are the gift ideas for office desk accessories for him that will help with organization and setting up a good office work area.


Modern Desk Accessories For him That He'll Love

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