6 Awesome Ways To Refresh Your Home Office Workspace

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Have you been working from home for the last year or even longer? You might feel like a little home office refresh is needed. Sitting in the same spot everyday with only yourself as company can get slightly boring. But it’s important for you to keep your home office as fresh and inspiring as possible. For you to achieve the best productivity in work and for you to enjoy your work time!

If you feel like you’ve reached that point at home where you feel bored, unmotivated and uninspired then here are few simple ways you can refresh your home office.

This is assuming you already have the main things sorted, for example chair, desk etc. Because if you haven’t got those bigger office furniture items sorted then that’s a big part of the problem! So think of this as a home office refresh on a small budget!

Home Office Refresh

1. Declutter

Our desk area is place where things can so easily get dumped. Pens, books, papers all land at the desk at some point and even if it is nicely stacked in a pile it’s probably time for a clear out. What do you really need to save? What are you absolutely going to refer back to again?

Tackle each section at a time and drawer by drawer to keep the sorting manageable. While you’re going through the sections one by one make sure to give it a good clean. A refresh means cleaning too.

2. Organize

Organizing goes hand in hand with decluttering. But there’s a difference in keeping hold of everything you need and making sure it organized and there is a place for it. Don’t be fooled in just chucking a whole lot of things out and thinking you’re done. The next stage of organization is just as important.

Think what needs to go where, what needs to be close by for easy access? Designate a category for each drawer to make it easier for cleaning and tidying up. Using drawer dividers are really helpful for keeping the inside of the drawers organized.

To keep your desk neat and tidy a storage tray and a pen holder should do the job. For storing bigger items you might need look at keeping a couple of storage baskets nearby. Just make sure they have a purpose you don’t want it to become a dumping place.

When everything is in the right place it becomes so much easier to find what you need and to keep things tidy for the future.

3. Desk Accessories

This is one area where you can afford to spend a little money for an lift in mood!

New things can give us a boost in motivation so you can upgrade your desk accessories. That can also mean picking out thrifted and repurposed pieces. It still counts as “new” because the use is different and you may be used to seeing it elsewhere.

Of course you can treat yourself to some brand new stationary and accessories to get you excited about the work day. Does anyone else get excited when they write in a fresh new notebook?!

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4. Inspiration

I think some home office inspiration is important to keep motivated at home. Everyone is different when it comes to what they consider inspirational and how much is displayed.

Some of us might like a couple of family and friends photos up to see. For others that may be a distraction from work, so inspirational quotes and images might work better. If you’re in creative role you might have a whole wall of inspiration for reference or individual mood boards for projects.

Also remember to put up some of your own work and successes from the past. That’s probably some of the best motivation you can get!

Putting up things to inspire and motivate you is going to have one of the biggest impacts on your state of mind. Especially if you’re working with a smaller area where you may not be able to move bigger items around. Which brings me to the next point…

5. A Different Arrangement

You might be able to move a few key pieces around for a different office layout. Rearranging the furniture is one of the best ways to refresh your office. It gives it a brand new environment without having to buy anything new.

If you have a window you might fancy a reposition facing towards the view. There are other sources you can look to for some help. Using Feng Shui for your office might give you different perspective on how to arrange your home office.

6. Plants

Plants are are great way to boost our mood in just about any place we are! Consider adding a few low maintenance plants that are easy to look after. Adding some plants will also give you a bit more interesting to look at.

For the days where you’re not able to get out for break, surrounding yourself with a few plants will be of even more benefit. They increase your energy just by being there! Other benefits listed of having plants around include reduced stress levels and increased productivity. As well as helping to clean the air around us.

If you’re planning a home office refresh I hope these tips helped!


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