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7 Easy Ways To Get Affordable Artwork For Your Home

Eclectic Gallery Wall Living Room - 7 Ways To Get Affordable Artwork For Your Home: A beautiful and eclectic gallery wall above the sofa of a living room using artwork in different ways such as varied frames, canvases and taped pieces giving it a creative decor style. @chloedominik #eclecticgallerywall #eclecticgallerywalllivingroom #affordableartwork #walldecor #walldecorlivingroom
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Artwork is one of the ways to make your home unique and interesting. With gallery walls being so popular you can easily spend a small fortune on filling your wall! The same can be said about buying a larger canvas. I am all for supporting artists and creatives. But if you’re looking for affordable artwork there are some other options in the meantime while saving for that spectacular painting you’ve had your eye on.

Here’s a few alternatives for wall art decor that are affordable and won’t leave you out of pocket!

1. Online Art Prints

Of course you can buy amazing art prints online! Art prints are available at so many creative online stores like Etsy, Desenio and Society 6. There are so many art styles and artists to choose from it might take you a while to have a browse. But once you’ve found a piece of artwork you love it’s worth it.

Obviously prices will vary depending on the size and piece of work. Use the price filter for strict price budget. Some places like Society 6 have canvases available too if you’re looking for a larger size of artwork.

2. Calendars

You can get a nice sized wall calendar for a fraction of the price of one piece of artwork. That means 12 to 18 potential artworks all in one piece for one price! An absolute bargain at the end of the year! If you have an old wall calendar see if you can frame and hang any of the art from there.

Or just buy a calendar purely for the art. Find a calendar you love and frame the art pages you love!

Source: Amazon

3. Note Cards

Another affordable artwork hack… buying a pretty pack of notecards. Frame your favourite ones as a series along a wall.

4. Dried Flowers

If you like botanical prints this idea is pretty simple!

Pick your favourite flowers and press and dry them. Just by placing the flowers between a piece of paper and under some heavy books for a couple of weeks, you can make your own botanical piece of artwork. There are few different methods you can try for drying your own flowers.

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Once you have your dried blooms ready arrange on paper and frame. Or directly into a glass frame depending on the style you’re going for.

Floral Botanical Artwork - 7 Ways To Get Affordable Artwork For Your Home: Pressed flowers in floating frame make the prettiest artwork for your home. With only the frame to pay to for. @chloedominik #pressedflowerart #botanicalart #pressedflowerart #pressedflowersframed #botanicalartwork
Source: Etsy

5. Magazines

There are some amazing editorials in magazines such as Kinfolk, Ebony, Wallpaper and the National Geographic. It’s almost a shame to tear apart any of these magazines but guaranteed it will look good on your wall!

Fashion editorials would look great on a wall in a walk in closet.

6. Photos

It’s time to take some of those photos off the 1000 and more you have saved on your phone and put on your wall! We take so many photos and they’re probably not looked at often! There are lots of online printing services like Snapfish and Shutterfly.

Create your own personal and meaningful wall gallery with all your own photos!

7. DIY

You can create your artwork yourself. If you’re thinking I’m no good at art that’s why I’m looking to get it elsewhere, that maybe true but there are artists and courses that you can follow along with step by step. That way you have a guide and you end up creating something made from your own hand. There are plenty of creative online classes you can take!

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There are lots of individual artists that offer their own handmade courses. Artist Laura Horn has some creative mixed media classes you can take online.

Have a look around your local area as well for day art class. Learn art create in person with tutoring and others at a similar level of experience. Beginner or more advanced which ever is best suited for you. You have a day out to remember and a tutor right there with you. As well as something to take home with you!

What do you think of these ideas for affordable artwork? Where are your favourite places to shop or create artwork? Let me know in the comments below!


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