18 Best Windsor Furniture Finds For The Classic Look

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We always love the classics! That goes for interiors and home furnishings too. And Windsor furniture is definitely a classic style. An enduring staple in households that can be mixed in with different furniture styles. Or kept to its original look built around a traditional interior.

You’ll probably have seen a few Windsor chairs around, as the Windsor chair is how this design first came about. And is the most popular piece you’ll see in a Windsor style.

These iconic chairs have evolved over time, with various craftsmen putting their own unique spin on the original design. And while Windsor chairs have been around for centuries, there are still new variations emerging, such as low-back roundabout models and sack-back armchairs.

Also, you can find some Windsor-style pieces that are made from metal instead of wood. 

Now you can get Windsor-style furniture in different pieces like benches, stools and bed frames. All with a slightly different take on the Windsor design. Ranging from a traditional look with turned wood legs to a modern version with simple clean lines.

But all still keep the essential design feature of the spindle back frame. These pieces are great for adding a classic touch to your living room and home decor.

Here is a few favourite Windsor furniture finds…

best Windsor Furniture Finds

The Windsor style is great for keeping the home spaces feel light and airy with its open spindle back frame. So whether you’re looking for a high-back armchair or a side chair the room won’t feel overcrowded.

Windsor style STOOLS

1 Windsor Counter Stool – This stool is from West Elm style and is great for the kitchen area. It has back support and a nice open style.

2. Swivel Counter Stool – A great additional feature to have on any stool, especially on a classic Windsor-style chair.

Windsor style Chairs

3. Solid Wood Windsor Back Chair – I love the extra high back of this Windsor-style chair. These make the perfect top chairs for a dining table and they come as a set of two from Wayfair.

4. Tobacco & Black Windsor Armchair – For a traditional look or a Farmhouse style go for a brown wood finish like this armchair from Overstock.

5. White & Natural Spindle Dining Chairs – Mixing colours and finishes gives a modern Scandi look to this Windsor chair.

6. Cora Dining Chair – Has a rounded back for long seating around the dining table.

7. Metal Side Chair – A bright pop of colour instantly brings fun to a classic style of chair. I love that these chairs come in four colour options. A blue or green colour. And black or white.

8. Mixed Media Dining Chairs – A minimal style take on the Windsor chair, mixed with metal and wood for a modern look.

9. Shay Dining Chair – These side chairs are a great size to fit around your dining table. They’re not bulky and you’ll have plenty of space around each chair. They come in two options a seadrift finish and a black.

10. White Grayish Brown Windsor Back Armchair – This rustic Windsor back armchair would fit right in a Cottagecore style kitchen.

11. Windsor Antique Black Dining Chair – This chair has more traditional features with decorative turned-styled legs and tapered spindles for a more authentic look.

12. Bryce Dining Chair – A beautiful minimalist alternative to a traditional Windsor-style chair in metal. They’re still sturdy but stylish.

Windsor style benches

13. Reeves Bench – McGee & Co. have come up with this contemporary bench which is close to the Windsor style. You’ll be able to mix furniture styles easily with a furniture piece like this.

14. Lisle Wood Bench – I love the shape of the spindles on the back of this bench. A traditional-style bench that would sit just right in a hallway or a kitchen.

15. Pali Wood Dining Bench – This wooden bench is easy to clean. And looks stylish in areas where it can get a bit messy at times!

16. Hadiya Solid Wood Bench – A simple style bench that would be great in an entryway or a mudroom for taking off your shoes.

Windsor Style Beds

17. Henline Solid Wood Spindle Bed – You can choose from a few different finishes with this bed.

18. Solid Wood Bed – This bed style will last through whatever decor changes happen in your bedroom. It will stand the test of time.

Design Features of Windsor Chairs

Windsor furniture, specifically the Windsor chair, is a unique English creation that emerged in the early 18th century as a practical alternative to large static seats for socializing in gardens.

Windsor chairs feature a thick one-piece wooden seat with mortises from below and slots from above. Held together using the mortise-and-tenon joinery technique without nails or screws. This kind of technique is built to last.

But with modern-day furniture, you’ll have to look for a company that uses that joinery technique. 

Their comfortable saddled seat designs and lightweight elegance made them a popular choice for long periods of sitting and easy movement.

  • Low-back roundabout models: Have D-shaped seats with baluster-style legs.
  • Sack-back armchairs: Introduced around the 1760s as preferred dining seating options due to their enhanced comfort levels.

That wraps up the best Windsor furniture finds. As you can see this style works well anywhere at home. And there are lots of different variations you can find to suit your style!


FAQs Windsor Furniture

Where did Windsor furniture originate?

Windsor furniture originated in 18th century England, specifically from the Thames Valley region, and was named after Windsor Castle.

What is Windsor-style furniture?

Windsor-style furniture is a type of wooden chair characterized by its spindle-backed frame, splayed legs, and contoured seats, which have evolved into several variations over time.

Why is a Windsor chair called a Windsor?

A Windsor chair is named after Windsor Castle, where it gained popularity among British nobility before spreading throughout Europe and America during the 18th century.

Best Windsor Furniture Finds

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