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7 Ways To Get The Beautiful Cottagecore Home Aesthetic

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The Cottagecore trend is on the rise. If you’ve seen the phrase “farmcore” or “countrycore” it’s referring to Cottagecore. In terms of home aesthetic and life, it’s been adopted by many hearts much like the Hygge, Nordic and the Japandi ways of life.

So what makes Cottagecore different? Cottagecore has a lot of similarities to Hygge, they both embrace the cozy elements and the slowing down of life. Involving taking a few steps away from the virtual life we so often find ourselves in with technology and social media.

What is Cottagecore?

The movement of the Cottagecore life is more a romanticized view of the cottage living, rooted in simplicity and the rural life. A connection to nature, self sufficiency and sustainability. It’s all about creating a warm, secure and loving home. Which I would like to think most of us would want. This aesthetic is more about quirks and nostalgia that would be reminiscent of an old rural cottage and country living.

Think grounded, earthy tones and neutrals. Also florals, lace, pretty motifts, quilts and embroidery. Cottagecore combines a lot of the interior trends that we’ve been seeing for this year. Which is why it’s popping up on the radar so much.

Why Cottagecore?

With people spending a lot of time at home this year people have been going back to traditions and the basics. Crafts such as pottery, painting, baking and gardening have had a big resurge this year due to more time on our hands. A kind of “back to the old days” pastimes. And it seems as though a lot of us have enjoyed reconnecting with these activities making Cottagecore a big trend for the coming years.

If you’re not loving in a cottage surrounded by fields and woodlands that doesn’t mean you’re excluded from this trend. Here are some of the main ways to incorporate it into your home and lifestyle.

1. Colours

Earthy, muted colours and neutrals are the key for this trend.

2. Florals

Using florals in the home is a great way to nail the Cottagecore design trend. Especially if you’re wanting to create something a bit more interesting than just painted walls.

If you’re not feeling floral wallpaper is the way to go then fill vases with flowers around the home. These can be fresh flowers or dried.

3. Handcrafts

Doing more with your hands is more about the lifestyle of Cottagecore but obviously whatever you make can be used as decor in the home. Crafts from paper crafting to baking, floristry, sewing and pottery. Whatever gets you away from the computer!

If you feel that your efforts aren’t ready for show yet, source some handmade items from local stores and any talented friends in your circle. Remember not everything needs to be on display, the focus is on doing the activity.

4. Vintage

Any second hand pieces that you can get your hands on whether its bought or passed down from family members. It’s even better when a certain piece has some sentimental value or holds some special memories along with it.

5. Gardens

Tending to your garden! Even if it’s growing some seedlings in a couple of pots in the kitchen. Growing your own plants and produce is one of the key elements of this Cottagecore trend. Any small way you can contribute to an eco-friendly and sustainable culture helps.

From wildflower gardens to manicured roses, making things look pretty go a long way.

6. Organics

Using organic materials in your home such as cottons, linens and wool. This can be through soft furnishings such as rugs, pillows and bed linens. Don’t forget about your table settings too if you like to put on a spread.

7. Coziness

An important theme in this trend is the feeling of coziness. Here is where it intertwines with the Hygge philosophy as one of it’s main foundations. Cottagecore is supposed to look and feel as comfortable as possible. Think reading nooks, layers of warmth and furniture you can sink in to.

Concept Cottagecore

Here’s my inspiration board of cottagecore. Paint colours from top to bottom; Porpoise SW 7047 – Sherwin Williams, Nancy’s Blushes No. 278 – Farrow & Ball, Peignoir No. 286 – Farrow & Ball, Wevet No. 273 – Farrow & Ball.

Images starting top left clockwise; Annie’s Catalog, TV Fading Beauty, Pink Piccadilly Pastries, Postcards by Hannah via The Cottage Journal.

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This trend is being adopted by all ages not just the grandparents who remember the times before wifi. It is really popular with the younger generation who have known only a time with mobiles, computers and social media. As a generation who seem to experience higher levels or anxiety and depression than any other, it’s easy to see why this trend has hit the mark for a lot of them.

What do you think of the cottagecore trend is it here to stay or too romanticized for your liking? Let me know in the comments below!


7 Ways To Get The Beautiful Cottagecore Home Aesthetic: Cottagecore is an interior trend on the popularity rise. Why is it so popular and find out how you can create the cottagecore style regardless of what home you have and where you live. @chloedominik #cottagecore #cottagecoreaesthetic #cottagecoreinteriordesign #cottagecoreinterioraesthetic #cottagecoretrend

Featured Image: Zara Home via Style Lovely

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  1. Wish I could send photos….Just remodeled/redecorated my French Normandy home with fav pinks, teals and whites. All rooms newly re wallpapered, antiques and traditional furniture , my Hearth kitchen new backsplash is handcrafted teal mermaid tail tiles and stools/chairs are blush velvet along with a teal oversized sofa. It ended up French/English Cottage, GLAM, C coastal look and I get raves. Lots more entertaining now.

  2. I think part of the charm of this style is that is departs from the all gray and stark white everywhere which has become very popular and so much so that now my eye has become tired of it. Ready for a little warming up of hue and texture that this style provides!

  3. Love the old fashioned way of decorating as long as it isn’t too cluttered (dusting is not my favorite thing!) Having said that, anything “real” delights me: wood, stone, something handmade, plants, etc. May plastic never darken my door!!! šŸ™‚

    1. I totally agree with not too much clutter! There’s so many ways to interpret this style, loving the handmade things too.

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