15 Black Interior Designers & Creatives You Need To Follow

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There are lots of great interior designers that are featured in home magazines and to follow on social media. However this week I wanted to highlight the black interior designers and creatives.

The following 15 are a handful in interior design and blogging that I happen to follow mostly on Instagram. So here they are!

  1. Keita Turner whose background in fashion plays huge part in her interior design aesthetic in interiors now. Turner creates high end spaces that are classic and enduring.
  2. Saudah Saleem loves to use bold colours and patterns in her designs, reflecting the vibrant city she is home to, New York. With much to explore in the Big Apple she is never out of unique ideas to apply in her interior designs.
  3. Rasheeda Gray started her career in the financial services industry and after 15 years left to found her interior design company Gray Space Interiors. Rasheeda and her team create contemporary living spaces.
  4. Corey Damen Jenkins has his design firm set in two locations Michigan and New York. He describes his interior designs as a tailor made experience with no two a like.
  5. Erika Ward focuses on busy professionals who want to enjoy their home when they come back from home. Erika describes it as creating a staycation for them to enjoy.
  6. Colette Shelton you might know her better as her Instagram name sake CoCo Cozy, named after her ever popular blog she started in 2008. She added her very own home textiles collection in 2011 designed by herself.
  7. Neffi Walker’s philosophy is that “a well designed life is one designed with intention.” Principal and business owner of the Black Home she shares her love for all things black in culture and her beautiful designs.
  8. Shavonda Gardner shares her design story on SG Style blog about how she down sized from her cookie cutter home to transform an old bungalow. She loves moody and eclectic spaces no matter how small the rooms are!
  9. Janea Brown gorgeous Instagram feed leads as example on how to create your best life through a happy home. With smiles all around and potted plants galore! Her blog Jnaydaily is just as pretty.
  10. Laura Hodges Studio is a boutique interior firm creating clean, beautiful and tailored spaces. With an important and thoughtful focus on sustainable design as well.
  11. Kesha Franklin started Halden Interiors after a collaboration with an architect who pointed out her eye for design. Franklin’s interiors are known for a carefully curated, luxurious, yet balanced style.
  12. Carmeon Hamilton describes herself as modern bohemian. A lover of plants, prints and patterns it’s clear to see why she switched from health care design to residential and started Nubi Interiors.
  13. Kay Volmar you can find Kay on Instagram at Once Upon At A Time 1912. Originally from New York, she decided to buy her dream home in Florida. Her house was built in 1912 and over the span of 5 years Kay restored the historic home.
  14. Medina‘s blog originally started as a Facebook page back in 2014. That has since evolved into Grillo Designs share her love for DIY, Ikea hacks and home improvement.
  15. Mikel Welch runs his interior design business from New York. He works as a tv host and as a set decorator.

Who are your favourite black interior designers? Leave comments below to black designers whose work you love that aren’t mentioned above. I’d be really interested to know! Thanks


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