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6 Great Marble Alternatives For Around Your Home

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Marble has been a huge trend in interiors for a long time now. Wherever you look you see a marble something! Using marble or marble alternatives in your home can make an object or focal point in to a stunning feature.

If you’re looking for something different or a cheaper solution then here are marble alternatives you might consider for your home.

Kitchen Counter Tops

It’s amazing how much marble gets used in the kitchen considering it’s probably not the best in terms of functionality. It looks amazing but staining is a big down side to having marble in the kitchen due to it’s high porosity.

Alternative: Soapstone

There are lots of different options for counter tops like granite, a terrazzo and concrete. A really great alternative for a kitchen counter top is soapstone.

It looks so pretty and still has that natural veining that you find in marble. Just a little more of a delicate pattern in a darker hue. Also a non porous stone and less maintenance than what marble requires.

Something Totally Different: Butchers Block

Bringing wood in to the kitchen helps warm up the space with it’s tone and texture.

Traditional kitchen designs often stick to neutral colours which can feel a bit cold. So adding in butcher’s block will definitely help in a kitchen that’s all white.

Or you could go for something dramatic like a black kitchen.

Herringbone Wood Countertop - 6 Great Marble Alternatives For Around Your Home: A butcher block countertop is a beautiful alternative for the kitchen adding in some warmth and texture in what can sometimes be a cold interior. Using a pattern like the herringbone style to add more interest. @chloedominik #herringbonecountertopwood #kitchenbutcherblockcountertops #butchersblockcountertop #marblealternative #marblealternativewall #marblealternativecountertops #interiortrends
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The Kitchen Backsplash

With a kitchen backsplash the options are endless and with the sizes available. Tiling is a way to make your backsplash stand out with the different patterns, sizes and colours you can achieve.

Or a single large backsplash, making it easy to clean. This is a good option if you tend to leave the kitchen a bit messy.

Alternative: Quartz

Quartz is a really great alternative for marble. This Quartz I’m referring to is the engineered man made quartz. Not the quartzite that is the natural stone. Companies such as Casearstone and Silestone are known for their quartz products.

As quartz is a man made material you can get it all kinds or colours, textures, patterns as well as sizes and thickness. Making it a perfect option for your kitchen. Quartz is another option for kitchen counter tops as well as back splashes.

Something Totally Different: Stainless Steel

A material that’s got definite high impact, stainless steel.

Using stainless steel in the kitchen will help bounce around the natural light coming in from the windows.

Stainless Steel Backsplash - 6 Great Marble Alternatives For Around Your Home: A stainless steel tiled backsplash going full height to the top of the wall. The reflective tile brings high impact and bounces light around the kitchen area creating a modern and industrial kitchen design. @chloedominik #stainlesssteelbacksplash #stainlesssteelbacksplashkitchen #marblealternative #marblealternativewall #marblealternativecountertops #interiortrends
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The Bathroom Finishes

Marble is a popular application for all over the bathroom. Obviously less chance of staining when used in the bathroom. (Unless you like a glass of red wine when taking a bath).

But when it comes to reducing cost porcelain tiles are a good option.

Alternative: Porcelain

If you really like the idea of having marble finish in the bathroom but are looking at the money side of things, then porcelain is amazing alternative for you.

Porcelain tiles are available in a wide variety of sizes. It’s a glazed tile that has a high density making it highly water resistant which is why its a popular alternative for bathrooms.

Marble look a like tiles you can get quite easily when sourcing porcelain as well as whole array of colours and textures.

It’s important to note that porcelain and ceramic tiles are not the same thing. Porcelain is made of a denser clay than ceramic tiles and fired at a higher temperature. Making porcelain more durable for the bathroom, especially showers.

Something Totally Different: Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a really fun finish to use in bathrooms and kitchens. Another man made material available in all different colours and patterns.

Modern Terrazzo Bathroom - 6 Great Marble Alternatives For Around Your Home: A small bathroom has a modern design using terrazzo as a neutral base for all over the bathroom for a totally different look. @chloedominik #terrazzobathroom #terrazzobathroomdesign #marblealternative #marblealternativewall #marblealternativecountertops #interiortrends
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What do you think of the marble trend? Is it a classic? Or time to move on to something else?

Which marble alternatives are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below!


6 Great Marble Alternatives For Around Your Home: Marble has been a big trend in interiors around the home and it's staying around for a while. However if you're looking for a marble alternative for cost reasons or just looking for something totally different from the marble trend here are some options that might take your fancy! @chloedominik #marblealternative #marblealternativewall #marblealternativecountertops #interiortrends

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