20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas

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It’s the countdown to Christmas! I know the presents won’t be staying a long amount of time underneath the tree, but for the time they are under the Christmas tree why not get creative with your gift wrap and make them as attractive as you can?!

It’s all part of the Christmas decor after all!

If you haven’t started wrapping your presents as yet here are some creative ideas to think about trying. Instead of using a gift bag or a gift box, you can try some different ways.

These creative gift-wrapping ideas can be used for any occasion not just for holiday gifts. Whether it’s a birthday gift or for a baby shower you can easily adjust the colours or the theme to whichever special occasion.

Here are creative ways to add a personal touch to the perfect gift!

Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents

These are some favorite gift wrapping ideas I’ve come across on the internet!

Elegant Gift Wrap Ideas

20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas - Wax Sealed Dried Flowers
Source: i Pin

This is a beautiful idea for gift wrapping your presents if you’d like to go the extra mile! A little bundle of dried flowers with a calligraphy note at the bottom.

The finishing touch? To seal with your very own initialed wax-sealed stamp.

20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas - Black Ribbon Parcel Presents
Source: Tattoo Trends

Some simple parcel paper paired with a gorgeous satin ribbon anyone would be glad to receive. A simple bow is an easy way of making Christmas gifts look pretty.

Using a black ribbon is a classic touch. But of course, you can use any colour you like. Any presents that look like this will be sitting pretty under the tree!

Adding a couple of Christmas baubles to your present will make your present extra special!

Foodie Gift Wraps

A double present to give someone or great for children with candy canes or lollipops attached to the present. Gingerbread cookies or baked treats are a great idea as well.

All you need to do is wrap your baked goods in cellophane wrap and attach them to the present. A sweet treat should hold them over until they can unwrap their presents on Christmas day!

How about using some dried orange slices to decorate the Christmas presents? They’re used on the Christmas tree so why not try on the holiday gift wrap too?

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Fun Gift Ideas

20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas - Sticker Presents
Source: Lissova Craft

Using stickers is a fun and different way to wrap and decorate your presents!

Create your own word search wrapping paper and circle the recipient’s names on the paper. Using gold and silver markers makes it a bit more Christmassy.

One of the best gift wrapping ideas is to layer some plastic wrap over your first layer and put in some confetti!

peek A Book Heart gift wrap

A double layered peak a boo wrap. Hearts, Christmas trees, stars will work for this creative idea.

How about adding a keepsake as the tag? Use wooden beads to spell out names and they can keep it after they’ve unwrapped the present. A gift that’s two in one!

To make it look even more festive try using gold or silver beads.

Creative Wrap Ideas

20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas - Star Garland Wrap
Source: Homey Oh My

A simple few stars glued in place on top of some wrapped twine make a cute garland Christmas gift wrap.

These snowflake ornaments are great for the holiday season. Your friend can keep the snowflake decorations to hang on next year’s Christmas tree.

Source: Skonahem

You can use up your old wrapping paper from last year, cutting strips off and weaving them together for a pretty present.

Poms poms are so easy to make! Add some pom poms (or buy) to top off as the ultimate flourish to your present.

A favorite photo or a personal Polaroid photo acts as a nice label on your presents. Or a postcard to stick on front of the present. You can use these ideas to swap out the gift tags.

I love this pocket gift wrap idea. With an extra sleeve on the outside, you can add a gift card, faux flowers and little extras to your present.

Natural Gift Flourishes

Hessian Wrap Tied With Berries - 20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas: A rustic style of wrapping only needs simple materials to make that gift a little extra special. Like this hessian material wrapped gift tied with twine and finished with a red berry sprig. @chloedominik #wrappingideas #giftwrapping #giftwrappingideas #giftwrappinginspiration #christmaspresentideas #creativegiftwrapping
Source: Stocksy

For a really rustic natural gift wrap style use some hessian material for your presents.

All you need is a few sprigs of greenery tied to your present for a Christmas touch. A couple of jingle bells add a festive touch.

This is a simple idea but looks so lovely. A dried flower taped down with washi tape to the front of your gifts. Use gold and silver foiled washi tapes if you’d like to add some Christmas sparkle!

Natural Spice Scented Gift Wrap - 20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas: A cinnamon stick coupled with a natural cotton twig is a perfect rustic and scented alternative for a gift wrapping idea. @chloedominik #naturalgiftwrappingideas  #rustcgiftwrappingideas #scentedgiftwrap #wrappingideas #giftwrapping #giftwrappingideas #giftwrappinginspiration #christmaspresentideas #creativegiftwrapping
Source: Stocksy

A cotton stalk coupled with cinnamon sticks tied with some twine is a lovely gift idea.

Gift Wrap Essentials & Decor Items

Here are some items that are good to use for creative gift wrapping! All the essentials and some extras to help with some fun and creative gift ideas! 

There are lots of unique wrapping ideas around but these are relatively easy to do. A lot of these ideas can be a part of the gift as well. It’s always fun to add on little unexpected extras. 

Which gift wrap ideas will you be trying this Christmas? Are you going to stick with the traditional wrapping paper or try something different?


Creative Ways of Wrapping Gifts FAQs

What Can I Use Instead of Gift Wrapping?

Instead of regular paper for wrapping gifts, you can use materials like tea towels, scarves and other kinds of fabric.

This is a more sustainable way of wrapping presents and can be an extra part of the present. Which is another nice add for the gift recipient! More simple ways include using butcher paper or craft paper, white paper, magazines or newspapers.

A present doesn’t always have to be in fancy paper to create a beautifully wrapped gift! 

What Can I Use Instead Of Gift Wrapping?

The easiest way is to use items you already have at home.

Items like a reusable shopping bag, shoe boxes and cardboard toilet rolls. Cardboard toilet rolls are a great idea for wrapping a small gift. Just add a few decorative touches before you give it away.

All of these are a great way to make gift wrapping a lot easier for yourself. Especially if you have unusual-shaped items. You can either leave the items as is (depending on how they look or wrap them yourself).

Creative ways to Gift Wrap Your Presents

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