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20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas

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Its the countdown to Christmas! I know the presents won’t be staying long amount of time underneath the tree! But for the time they are under the Christmas tree why not get creative with your gift wrap and make them as attractive as you can?! It’s all part of the Christmas decor after all.

If you haven’t started wrapping your presents as yet here are some creative ideas to think about. Here are 20 favourite gift wrap ideas for you to try to make your presents that little extra special!

Elegant Gift Wrap Ideas

20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas - Wax Sealed Dried Flowers
Source: i Pin

A beautiful idea for gift wrapping your presents if you have the time! A little bundle of dried flowers with a calligraphy note at the bottom. The finishing touch to seal with your very own wax sealed stamp.

Some simple parcel paper paired with a satin ribbon anyone would be glad to receive. Sitting pretty under the tree!

Adding a couple of Christmas baubles to your present will make your present extra special!

Foodie Gift Wraps

A double present to give someone or great for children with candy canes or baked goods attached to the present. The treat will hold them over till Christmas day!

Dried fruit is back again! This time it’s on the presents!

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Fun Gift Wrap Ideas

Using stickers is a fun and different way to wrap and decorate your presents!

Create your own word search wrapping paper and circle the recipients names on the paper. Using gold and silver markers makes it a bit more christmassy.

A confetti wrap will more than likely have the present opened till very last!

A double layered peak a boo wrap. Hearts, Christmas trees, stars will work for this creative idea.

How about adding a keep sake as the tag? Use beads to spell out names and they can keep it after they’ve unwrapped the present. A two in one.

To make it look even more festive try using gold or silver beads.

Creative Ideas

20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas - Star Garland Wrap
Source: Homey Oh My

A simple few stars glued in place on top of some wrapped twine makes a cute garland Christmas gift wrap.

The same idea here but bigger snowflake ornaments they can keep to hang on next years Christmas tree.

Source: Skonahem

You can use up your old wrapping paper from last year, cutting strips off and weaving them together for a pretty present.

Easy to make! Add some pompoms (or buy) to top off as the ultimate flourish to your present.

Polaroid Photo Gift Present - 20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas - A cute and personlized touch of adding a polaroid photo as a finishing touch and to write a little message on there. @chloedominik #polaroidideas #wrappingideas #giftwrapping #giftwrappingideas #giftwrappinginspiration #christmaspresentideas #creativegiftwrapping
Source: Bossa Mae

A personal polaroid photo or Christmas postcard acts a nice label on your presents.

I love this pocket gift wrap idea. An extra sleeve on the outside you can add cards and little extras to your present.

Natural Gift Flourishes

Hessian Wrap Tied With Berries - 20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas: A rustic style of wrapping only needs simple materials to make that gift a little extra special. Like this hessian material wrapped gift tied with twine and finished with a red berry sprig. @chloedominik #wrappingideas #giftwrapping #giftwrappingideas #giftwrappinginspiration #christmaspresentideas #creativegiftwrapping
Source: Stocksy

For a really rustic natural gift wrap style use some hessian material for your presents.

All you need is a few sprigs of greenery tied to your present for a Christmas touch. A couple of jingle bells add a festive touch.

A simple idea but looks so lovely. A dried flower taped down to the front of your gifts.

Natural Spice Scented Gift Wrap - 20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas: A cinnamon stick coupled with a natural cotton twig is a perfect rustic and scented alternative for a gift wrapping idea. @chloedominik #naturalgiftwrappingideas  #rustcgiftwrappingideas #scentedgiftwrap #wrappingideas #giftwrapping #giftwrappingideas #giftwrappinginspiration #christmaspresentideas #creativegiftwrapping
Source: Stocksy

A cotton stalk coupled with a cinnamon stick tied with some twine is a lovely gift idea.

Which gift wrap ideas will you be trying this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!


20 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Your Presents This Christmas: Nowadays it's not just about the Christmas gift but it's about how attractive you gift looks. Get creative with your Christmas gift wrapping with these great ideas to place under the tree for friends and family. @chloedominik #wrappingideas #giftwrapping #giftwrappingideas #giftwrappinginspiration #christmaspresentideas #creativegiftwrapping

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