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5 Helpful Tips For Self Motivation While Working From Home

self motivation working from home
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Working from home is considered the norm nowadays. Whether it’s full-time job, freelance work, or part time employment to bring in some extra cash? Or maybe you’ve struck a deal to work with your boss from home a couple of days a week. Self motivation is key to getting your workday going to the right way.

In the digital era from inbox to inbox, from Zoom calls to almost anywhere. It’s become more common place to work from home. So that’s great, more free time to plan and schedule your day your way. Right?

It is! But there are pros and cons to everything. And the main pros and cons with working from home are the same…You are in charge of your day. Your day, your way!

So, what are your priorities? Suddenly you might miss that manager who was always on your case about if you had finished that assignment yet. Your alone with your thoughts, you can’t go look for your friend to bounce some ideas off or let’s face it just to chat about nothing. Here’s some tips that will help with self motivation for your work at home.

1. Working From Home Is Still Work

Yes, you don’t have so much of a hassle of what I am going to wear today. I don’t have to run for out the door to catch the bus or get the car on the road before the traffic hits. Cutting all those things out is a major help.

You should still get up as if you had to do go out the door. Start your day right with a morning routine. Set your alarm. Getting up at a set time and getting dressed switches your mind set to work mode. These things should stay the same whether working from home or the office.

2. Organize Your Working Space

Your work space is important. Make sure that it’s a place you’re not going to be distracted, that it is neat and organized and a place you enjoy working. A place of inspiration! If you have a corner you can carve out as your own home office for use. It doesn’t have to be a large a space. Make sure you keep your area tidy when finished up to set yourself up properly for the next day.

3. Plan Your Day In Advance

Planning it out the day or night before is better than doing it on the day. But even if it comes down to planning it on the day, setting an hour aside can really help. Do what you have to do, write it out as a list in a diary use a digital calendar.

I like to use both. I write out little things that come to mind in my book. Then I plan out similar tasks in blocks of time on Google calendar. That way there is a time start and finish for each task and I can see how each day is scheduled.

Assigning times and seeing your day blocked out will make you prioritize better. Blocking out completed days for different things helps. For example could be Monday research day, Tuesdays are reserved for meetings etc. Things might need changing up from time time or shuffling about but at least there’s some order and consistency to your week. It will take up less space in your thoughts!

Lists can somewhat “trick” you into think that you’re doing more than you actually are. Half of the list might be no more than 10 minute tasks which can leave you with more than half the day left.

4. No Social Media

No social media. Notifications should be off. And definitely no social windows open on your computer. One reply, one like, can lead in to an hour plus of nothing! We’ve all been there! Where did that hour go? The same goes for watching YouTube or the TV being on. It’s going to be quiet but that should help with focusing.

Everyone works differently. But the less distractions the better!

5. Planning Socials

One thing that might be missed the most is the social aspect of a work environment. Yea the politics of the work place might not so much but the daily interaction with your colleagues. Scheduling time for your social life is just as important now that most of the social aspect day to day is gone. A meal out with friends in the evening a catch up phone call on lunch makes all the difference. Its about getting your work balance and social life, balanced!

Ultimately, working from home has it good and bad points. As with anything else! There’s a famous phrase that goes something like, “Self motivation is the only motivation.” So, hopefully these tips will help!


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