Art Clipboard Wall - 8 Places To Try For Amazing Furniture Finds & Home Decor: There are places to shop for furniture and home decor other than major retail shops if you're looking for something different and unique like the weathered dining chair set that you might find at a thrift store. Also some little pieces like this clipboard gallery wall. @chloedominik #furnituredecor #furniturefinds #uniquefurniturepieces #amazingfurnitureideas #furniturepieces #gallerywall #gallerywallideas

8 Places To Try For Amazing Furniture Finds & Home Decor

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Finding your own sense of style for your home can be some what of a process. We can be in a rush to finish and decorate our home just for the sake of it being “useable.” Meaning we can stick to a only a couple of places to shop. There are some great furniture finds to be had when expanding your search.

For finding furniture pieces you can go a couple of ways. Either searching for second hand and used items which can be a more sustainable option for furniture and home decor. The other way is finding creatives and artisans that specialize in their craft.

Which ever way you consider and choose you’ll be sure to find something unique from what you might ordinarily find in the major home stores. Here are 8 ideas to try for furniture and home decor.

Friends & Family

If you have friends or family moving to a new home they might be looking to get rid of a couple of things. Especially if they are downsizing.

You might even get lucky when admiring something in their home. They might pass on the item to you at some point. (That’s if you’re very lucky). At the very least they can pass on the details or where they got the item from. If they see something similar they can let you know.

Friends and family can let you know about places you would never have even heard off before!

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has become a favourite for getting good items and furniture finds at a reasonable price. Some things even pop up as free, just to get the items out the way as quickly as possible.


If you’re looking for a really unusual piece of furniture, Ebay has categories for antiques and collectables.

Charity Shops

It’s definitely worth popping in to your local charity shops to see what’s furniture pieces have come in. That way the journey to get it back home isn’t too far as well.


Searching the markets for a peruse can get some good deals when buying in person. This is where you can hone your haggling skills for a bargain or two. Look out for annual and seasonal markets and fairs in you area.

If it’s a really well known market it might be worth travelling further out, turn it into a day trip!

House Sales

Depending on where you are there might be house sales around. This is where the house along with its contents are sold off for various reasons. Some house sales are put up online and furniture can be sold off beforehand. What’s left will remain but the good things tend to go early!

Also don’t forget to look out for random signs along the road for garage and yard sales near by.


Etsy has so many companies and individual creatives on their site selling unique and handmade items. Just browsing the site brings up lots of little home decor items that you maybe hadn’t even considered or thought about.

You can favourite the shop or pin it to your Pinterest boards to come back to it.


In house auctions will have some interesting and unique finds. When going to an auction house you should get a good backstory and some history to where the item is from.

All in all it’s about finding pieces for your home that you love and finding a place that works for it. You can have fun mixing and matching furniture finds in with new pieces in your home for a personal and unique look.

What furniture finds and home decor have you got in your home? And where did you get them from? Let me know in the comments below!


8 Places To Try For Amazing Furniture Finds & Home Decor: There are places to shop for furniture and home decor other than major retail shops if you're looking for something different, unique and one off pieces with personality here are few ideas to try before heading to the retail stores. @chloedominik #furnituredecor #furniturefinds #uniquefurniturepieces #personalityfurniture #amazingfurnitureideas #furniturepieces

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