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9 Of The Biggest Kitchen Trends 2022

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We all know that a kitchen renovation or upgrade is one of the biggest jobs to take on in the home. But the kitchen is the heart of the home and worth the investment! You may not be looking to change anything your kitchen for the moment. The design of your home should never go off trends, as they change all the time. However these are some of the styles you’ll probably be seeing more of for kitchen trends 2022…

Kitchen Trends 2022

1. Enclosed Kitchens

Creating more boundaries throughout the home is definitely going to be taking over for 2022. And this goes for kitchens too. We’re moving away from open concept kitchens and creating a dedicated space for cooking and entertaining.

It’s all about focusing on one thing and enjoying what you’re doing in the moment. It also gives the benefit of being able to switch off from other things going on in the vicinity area. Like when someone is watching TV in the living room while you’re cooking in the kitchen.

Broken plan kitchens are gaining more popularity in using screens and glass walls. Connecting the kitchen space to other living spaces around the home. But also maximizing any natural light. Creating a kitchen with the flexibility to turn the area into a completely closed space if needed just be closing the door.

2. Glazed Tiles

A tiled backsplash is probably one of the most practical elements in a kitchen. Glazed tiles are going to be making a comeback in kitchen trends for 2022. Making the kitchen backsplash even easy to clean next to a matte or textured surfaced tile.

Glazed tiles bring an interesting look and style to the kitchen. Reflecting light around the room due to it’s shiny finish. As well as bringing in different colour tones depending on where the light hits it and texture.

3. Moody Kitchens

Bolder and darker colours are going to be a favourite for kitchen trends in 2022. Going for colour all throughout the kitchen from black to moody greens, blues and warm browns. If you think those colours are too much all over, then you can opt for a colour change on the cabinetry. Custom cabinetry fronts are a good option or a fresh paint job.

Darker coloured kitchens need lots of good lighting. So remember to take that into account.

4. Open Shelving

Open kitchen shelves have been all over Pinterest and Instagram. Ranging from the single floating shelf to stacked open shelving, we’re embracing them all in the kitchen! It’s the chance to show off our favourite things. That doesn’t mean an overload of accessories though! A single shelf is a great balance between some design restraint and still gives plenty of options for styling.

5. Kitchen Curation

The kitchen is no longer being left out when it comes to styling and curating. Instead of the kitchen being dedicated to completely to storage and appliances, we’re starting to leave room for the more decorative things.

Adding in styled pieces of artwork, books and other home decor pieces. Kitchen countertops and shelving are carefully curated along with kitchen utensils and other practical things. Making a more personalized and pretty kitchen space for all around.

The key is carefully considered kitchen curation!

6. Cottage Kitchens

The cottage core trend is still popular at the moment. This style provides an homely and cozy space including the kitchen. Full of casual but pretty home comforts that you always look forward to coming home to.

7. Pantry Cabinetry

Good kitchen organization is paramount for any kitchen. And we have to be clever about using whatever kitchen space we have wisely. So built in kitchen pantries are a great solution. A kitchen pantry takes up less space than a walk in pantry space and it’s easier access, being in the immediate kitchen area.

Having a pantry cupboard keeps everything centralized in one area. Which means things are much easier to find!

8. Marble Finishes

Using marble in the kitchen has always been a firm favourite. Marble finishes in the kitchen gives a sense of luxury and quality. Heading into 2022 we’ll be seeing more dramatic veined marbles being used in the kitchen. Marble adds a beautiful and natural element to the kitchen. The heavier the veining and the more unique the colour of the marble, the more of a statement it will be in the kitchen.

9. Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalism is a strong overall trend in interiors right now and going forward into 2022. This goes with the kitchens too. In an space that can easily get overwhelmed with stuff, you’ll be seeing kitchen designs that are pared all the way back. Free of clutter on countertops and free of fuss in unnecessary details.

Think of plain and neutral coloured fronts with no hardware. Favouring push open cabinets and recessed handles for a simple clean look. Kitchen appliances are also hidden away and built into the kitchen, only visible when in use.

Which Trend?

Those are top kitchen trends 2022! Trends always give an insight into where things are changing in our lives. Remember to choose a kitchen style that’s suits your home and fits in with your life. Always consider the longevity of the design in terms of your personal taste.

Our lives are always changing but any changes made to the kitchen have to last a good few years before any more major changes.


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