4 Reasons Why You Don’t Have To Rush Decorating!

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A lot of us think when it comes to interior design and decorating that everything has to be designed and completed all at once. This isn’t always the case! In fact when a deadline gets put in to place, rush decorating can take over!

What do I mean by rush decorating? I mean by filling up the room with furniture and accessories that you don’t actually need or like. A substitute is put in place straight way if something else isn’t available although you’re not actually that keen on it.

Slowing down a bit can help you save money in the long run and take in an evaluation of what you like and what your space needs.

1. Settle In

It can sometimes be easy to plan out a whole space through Pinterest, on paper or even in your mind. You have measured up and sized which furniture pieces go where. What colour you’re painting the room in. The furniture fits but is the space functional?

There are just some things you just won’t know about until you’ve lived in the space for a while. This is definitely true for people who have just moved home. How do you move about the space? Which areas get used the most? What pieces do you need for those areas?

The same goes for colours. Choosing a colour paint sample is very different to living with a whole wall or room colour. Do you know what time of the day gets the most and least sun? Is that paint colour going to work with both those light settings?

The paint colour that you were dead set on may not feel quite right due to the natural light or pieces you might already have in that space.

These are things that you’ll figure out when living in the space. Even if you’ve lived in the home for a while with new furniture pieces you might have a trial period before deciding if it’s staying in that place or corner. Or that piece might leave the house all together!

2. Organize

Organization plays a huge part in what you do and don’t fill the room with.

Make sure you have storage solutions that work for you while still being functional. A good organization will clarify what you need less of and what you will need to bring in. Are there furniture or decor items from other rooms of the home that might work better elsewhere?

Having a clear out will focus your attention on needs and loves only. Sometimes a rearrangement will help in saving some money.

3. Personality

Yes, you’re picking the pieces. You’re deciding what goes in your home and what doesn’t. Sometimes it can be a little difficult for your personality to come through when you’re choosing things from only a couple of stores. A room can look a little boring when it’s from the same place.

Unless you’re doing an ultra modern space, mix it up a bit. That means sometimes finding the patience to say that rug is ok but it’s not quite right. I’ll wait for the right size to come in or rug that has the right colours in it. Or it might mean widening your search and just waiting a while longer. Waiting that little longer can save you money in the long run and in the end you get something you truly love.

Also what pieces mean something to you? Have you got any pieces that are passed down, gifted? Or are you planning a future trip somewhere? Bringing a little something back will add a personal touch and memory to your home. After all you home isn’t meant to be a copy of a designer store. Your home should be an extension of you.

4. Room To Grow

Every corner of the room doesn’t have to be filled in straight away. Remember you are always adding and taking away things in your home. So it’s a natural process to build up your space over time. Just like you are ever changing and evolving so should be your home!

Has there been a time where you’ve been in a rush decorating and it’s ended up different to how you imagined? Let me know in the comments below!


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