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13 Great Bookshelf Room Divider Inspiration Ideas

Updated 11th August 2021
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We tend to fill our homes with a lot of stuff! So creative ideas and solutions are a must for any kind of space. Whether a small space or an open concept living space, a bookshelf room divider is a great way to achieve a flexible room space.

Here are some favourite room divider ideas for spaces in the home. See which ideas you might be able to steal and re-create at home…

A simple asymmetrical wooden bookshelf creates a partial divider to the rest of the amazing apartment space. A Japanese like styling, with a modest arrangement with books and other personal items.

A reading room needs all the space for book stacking as possible. So why not add a corner bookshelf to add some more interest and create different areas within the room?

Another amazing apartment! The ceiling details are incredible. A huge space needs a statement piece. And a large bookshelf like this is definitely an impactful piece.

A modern style room divider contrasts the classic architectural space. Splitting the apartment into a smaller zones, with the height drawing your eye up to the main attraction, the ceiling!

This floor to ceiling bookshelf room divider helps to zone of the living room area. Creating a more cozy and intimate space for relaxing with the family.

Even though the bookcase is at full height, it doesn’t overpower the room as it’s all in white. With a solid shelving unit at the bottom and open shelving above it feels light enough for the living room area.

Dining & Kitchen Spaces

If you have a large opening between spaces, it might be a chance for you to incorporate more storage by using simple free standing bookshelves or built-ins either side. Further defining the different areas as you walk through the spaces.

A beautiful Scandinavian interior by Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter. They’ve used a wooden checkered design bookshelf built in between the support posts and anchored in the ceiling beams. A playful piece to separate the entryway from the dining space.

Another angle shows the bookshelf room divider from the dining area side. I love the casual and fun look created with the different styles of chairs around the table.

A simple but effective divider idea for the kitchen space! Extra storage for dishes, homeware and your personal touches. Taylor Bennet helped design the open shelf unit in his apartment rental which works great for the space!

Bedroom Divider Ideas

A low key boho bedroom by Courtney Adamo has an open floor to ceiling bookshelf to help separate the sleeping area from the rest of the bedroom. Something different other than the traditional nightstands next to the bed.

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Ikea always seem to have pretty affordable furniture and shelving systems to try for the bedroom and other rooms at home. There’s great collection like this Elvari system or mix and match the furniture for your own design.

Living Room Divider Ideas

Muji has a stacking shelf unit that you can create different designs with. Like this multi level staggered option. A good idea if you’re not wanting to do a DIY or have a permanent fixture in the room. And you can always add more shelf units if needed later.

More Room Divider Ideas

Use a large cube bookcase to close off the space for a more private area.

A bookshelf divider can be a great way of defining the upper levels of a house as well. Using it as a staircase wall is an amazing way to create a feature in the home.

Another Ikea room divider! A cool all white studio from Ottavio Tomasini utilizing the Ikea Elvarli bookshelf system for open storage and division of the space.

Hope you enjoyed these bookshelf room divider ideas! Maybe there are a couple of designs that you like that could work at home!


Bookshelf Room Divider Inspiration Ideas

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