Interior Trends 2022

Interior Trends 2022: 9 Top Ideas & Looks For Home

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What are the interior trends going to be for 2022?! There are so many factors that influence the design trends each year. The last couple of years the world changes have impacted how we use our homes in a big way. With the pandemic shifting our focus on to our homes because there was literally nothing else to do or to go!

We’re still dealing with the causes and effects of being in lockdown, in more ways than one. And current and upcoming home trends is just a small part of that effect. Some trends have been around for a while and other trends are just surfacing. Here are some key ideas and design trends for 2022 that I think we’ll be seeing a lot of!

Interior Trends 2022

1. Minimalist Living

There are so many ways to interpret minimalist living. I think minimalist home design itself will be a big trend. But minimalist ideas on living have been swirling around for a while now. There are lots of practical ideas on why living with less stuff and being intentional about the things that we do own can provide a better lifestyle.

So if you’re into minimalist design, being intentional about your home decor choices will be a natural part of the process. If not then it’s something that’s being embraced regardless. Picking meaningful and functional decor items that benefit the space and you in some way.

Minimalism is great way to bring some and organization to your home depending on the level you take it to. Decluttering is a must!

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There are a few design trends that use minimalist principles to design a home that have already proved popular. The Japanese way of Wabi Sabi. Scandinavian interior design and Japandi a fuse of the two design styles.

2. Indoor Outdoor Rooms

Indoor outdoor living is going to be around to stay!

Outdoor living spaces help improve our state of mind as well adding value to our homes. We’re dressing and decorating our outdoor spaces just like we would our indoor living rooms. Down to the sofas, rugs and the decor. Because no matter what the season we’re in, we can always find some time to appreciate the outdoors!

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3. Contrasting Details

If you’re one of the people who have painted your window trims black, you’re not alone! It wasn’t so long ago that details such as these were painted a similar colour as the walls to fade into the background.

Now window trims and other architectural details are being made a feature of. Using a contrasting colour to the wall makes details pop. Black has been the most popular colour choice for highlighting window trims. Usually because the walls are painted white or a neutral colour.

4. Private Rooms

A lot of us are either living in an open concept house or craving a bit more space. Wanting more open space is natural. But if the lockdown taught us anything it’s open space with a bit of flexibility. Especially with a family of more than two.

We all have different needs at different times. A private room or area can help with setting boundaries with personal time or working time at home. Of course it’s not always possible to create a permanent private room. But defining smaller areas with temporary divider or bookshelf might get you that little bit closer to a more private area. Which may be well needed from time to time!

5. Natural Materials

This trend has been going strong for a couple of years. And it’s still a key trend for this next coming year. Using natural materials for furniture and home decor is becoming more of a focus. Not just natural materials like cane, wicker, wood and cottons but from sustainable sources.

The shift towards natural materials is another way of connecting us to the outside world. Our need to be around things that are “real” and not manmade. A way of balancing our environment with our digital technology era.

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6. Shades of Green

It’s no surprise that green is popular colour for interior trends 2022. It’s another way that connects us with nature. Walks out in nature that were truly missed at the beginning of the pandemic. Greenery was the Pantone colour of the year back in 2017. And it’s a colour thats of more significance in our homes today.

Green is a calming and soothing colour that’s associated with growth and mother nature. And there are lots of ways to incorporate the green trend. Through bringing plants and nature into the home and using wallpapers. Using botanical wallpapers is a great way of tapping into the natural trend. Or just using pops of colour in with soft furnishings.

7. Rounded Edges

Curved furniture has been having it’s day in the sun. Bringing interest and a soft touch to the space. Rounded edges help soften the room. Using rounded edges in furniture softens and cozies up the space even more. Bringing in a comfortable, organic style and balance to harsh lines and angles of a room. Soft and plush materials add another dimension to how cozy the space feels.

This goes for not just the furniture in the living room but other rooms like the dining area. Oval tables are less harsh than a linear table. But ideal for still getting a good amount of people around the table.

8. Dedicated Workspaces

In the past having a dedicated workspace at home was nice extra.

The pandemic tipped having a dedicated workspace into a home necessity for a good majority of us. A lot of people are still now working at home a good portion of their week. Either by personal choice or from a company decision. Which means that the kitchen or dining table is probably not the most practical solution to get your work done.

There might not be a spare room available just for work but try and find space in another room. A workspace in the bedroom might be an option. Or maybe the kitchen just to house a computer and some office essentials.

9. Neutral Colours

Neutral warm colours will be strong in interior trends 2022. Calming and soothing colours that mirror colours of the earth. Like beiges, warm browns and warm whites and neutrals. These kind of colours set the tone for a relaxing and calming environment. Neutrals are easy to work with and layer different elements in the space.

Those are my personal predictions for the key ideas and interior trends 2022! Let me know what you think!


Interior Trends 2022

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