Bedroom Office Combo Ideas

15 Great Bedroom Office Combo Ideas To Copy At Home

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Bedroom office combo ideas at home are not a new thing. The idea of working from the bedroom now however is common more than ever. Chances are during the past couple of years, you’ve had to get some work done at home.

If working from home is nothing new to you, you probably have an office workspace set up at home. But if working from home is going to be more of a regular thing and all the rooms are taken, where do you set up?

Setting up a small workspace in the bedroom often makes sense. The bedroom is probably the most private room in the house you can get. I am all for the day when I am able to get a dedicated space at home for work! But at the moment I work from the bedroom.

With a laptop it’s easy to make anywhere a mini office. For me, it’s peaceful and quiet and I know there aren’t going to be many interruptions.

Sometimes the bedroom is the only place to get focused on work. It’s an effective way to maximize limited space at home. Because every square inch matters! And even with tech being a good idea to keep out the bedroom when possible, there are some ways you get a good balance between work and rest.

Here are some bedroom office combo ideas that might work for you at home…

Bedroom Office Combo Ideas

White Shelves | Notice Grid | Chair

Keep the bedroom office as low-key as possible with all white and minimal furniture. The floating wall shelves can be used for office necessities as well as styling for the bedroom. A simple desk and chair makes it easy to change about or remove if need be!

Ladder Desk

Maximizing the bedroom space is key when it comes to carving out a workspace. Sometimes it takes one important furniture piece to transform from bedroom to a small working bedroom. This ladder shelf creates a simple but effective workspace in the bedroom corner.

The long length of a spare bedroom wall might be the perfect area to put your work desk. So long you can share your office space with your partner. Transparent chairs make the space feel less cluttered.

Leather Filing Rack | Leather Swivel

It might be work investing a little more in some cases. Instead of stretching the closet the length of the wall, turn the end into a L-shaped desk corner with storage. Built-in storage is always a great solution to get the most out of any space. But make sure the bedroom is a good fit for your work before you commit!

A simple desk and an armless chair are all the setup you need to get your working space in order. This kind of set up can save you a lot of space too.

I love this idea of the peg rail being incorporated into the wall decor. Perfect for hanging accessories with a shelf on top too. Underneath there’s plenty of space to spread your work out.

Gold Lamp | Drawer Units

Ikea office cabinets are the basis of this modern double home office. With a wooden work top stretching the length of the wall.

Using a bedroom desk instead of a more office-style piece helps to gear towards more of a bedroom.

Gold Sconce

A guest bedroom has been made dual-purpose by adding a bench table below the window. Add in the brass light sconce and you have all you need for a good working day.

Even the smallest room can still host a place to work and a sleeping area. A clever bedroom office combo layout with generous storage for work and bed linens.

Peg Board | Macrame Wall Hanging | Desk

This boho style bedroom has still kept the neutral boho theme running through the office space. With just a wooden peg board, some lovely styling and a macrame wall hanging plus a wicker chair keeps the decor continuous in the bedroom.

Another all-white calming office space with modern styling. And greenery plants help bring life to the room and balance out the office element with revitalizing colour.

The second guest bedroom and office combo, beautifully styled with art prints and decor from Black & Blooms.

The black wall is a bold and distinctive choice for the office set-up. A modern and cool interior from Ollie & Sebs Haus keeping the colour contrast simple but dramatic.

This set up picks up on one of the main office Feng Shui principles, being that the desk is in the command position. Multiple shelves with storage baskets underneath give plenty of storage.

Bedroom Office Tips

Although the idea of combing a bedroom and an office might be the best plan, it’s still important to get a good rest when it comes to sleep.

It can be so easy to blur the boundaries of work and life at home. Here are a few top tips on how to keep the two functions separate but balanced.

  • Use any corners, alcoves or niches you might have in the bedroom. This way you can keep your workspace more of a separate place and you can zone the bedroom area more decisively.
  • Using some sort of divider will help define the two zones and help you switch off when it comes to resting. Or hide the office area in a closet area you can shut off with doors or a sliding panel.
  • If you are directly facing the office area when you go to sleep, keep the colour the same as with the rest of the bedroom.
  • You might want to test working from your bedroom before committing to furniture for the space. Working from the bedroom might not work for you!
  • If you’re setting up your office space in a spare bedroom have a lockable cabinet for things you want to keep private for when guests do come over to stay.
  • Set a time schedule for when you step away from your desk and stop for the day. Try and balance work at home with life.

Does the office bedroom combo work or is there too much going on? Should the two areas just stay completely separate? Hope this has given you some inspiration either way!


Bedroom Office Combo Ideas

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