Glamorous Dressing Room - 16 Amazing Stylish Wardrobe Ideas That Use The Ikea Pax: A stunning dressing room design complete with chandelier uses the Ikea pax closet system for organizing clothes and displaying the favourite items in open shelving section. The decorative wallpaper and cozy furnishings make the walk in closet an elegant space to get ready in. @chloedominik #walkincloset #walkinwardrobe #dressingroomideas #dressingroomdesign #glamorousclosetwalkin #elegantdressingroom

16 Amazing Stylish Wardrobe Ideas That Use The Ikea Pax

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Thinking of creating your own walk in wardrobe? The Ikea Pax is one of the most popular wardrobe closet used. If you’ve ever watched the Flatpack Empire, (all about Ikea). You’ll know that the Pax wardrobe system is one of their best sellers with over 250 different combinations available.

The Ikea Pax is frequently posted all over Instagram and Pinterest. It’s more of a cost friendly alternative to some other built in wardrobe options, it’s easily customised and has different colour options available. Although the most popular colour you’re more than likely to see the Pax in, is the white option. Clean, neutral and simple and will go with most decor.

Anyway, here are 16 of the most stylish wardrobes that use the Ikea Pax. Some great ideas for inspiration and to get your wardrobe in order for the changing seasons!

Wardrobe and Home Office

Combining your wardrobe and home office is a great way to make use of your space. The featured image is a beautiful glamorous room that can be used to work in as well as getting dressed for the day.

Home Office And Organized Closet Space - 16 Amazing Stylish Wardrobe Ideas That Use The Ikea Pax: Even if you have to combine two spaces into one room it can look just as great like this home office setup with a tidy and organized open Ikea Pax closet system. making the most out of one room. @chloedominik #homeofficeandcloset #homeofficeandclosetcombo #homeofficeandclosetroom #ikeapaxcloset #ikeapaxideas #opencloset #openclosetideas
Source: Lumens

Ikea Pax Simplified

Here are some examples of home wardrobes that have used a more simple approach to using and styling the Pax wardrobe.

White Open Closet - 16 Amazing Stylish Wardrobe Ideas That Use The Ikea Pax: A minimal white and open Ikea Pax closet design using the full ceiling height for storage and styling in black and white for a clean and organized look. @chloedominik #ikeapax #ikeapaxideas #opencloset #whiteclosetideas #whiteclosetorganization #minimalclosetdeasign #minimalclosetideas
Source: Garderobe
16 Stylish Wardrobe Ideas That Use The Ikea Pax - Black and white dressing room
Source: Sara Bow
Source: Rosaaalieee


Sometimes you need the wardrobe space exactly for what its meant for, utilising every inch to fit in as much clothes as possible.

Drawers in the middle of the wardrobe
Source: Who Is Mocca

A Pax Divider

I love how this room has used the wardrobe to divide the bedroom space. If you have a smaller bedroom or limited space this might be an ideal option.

Ikea Pax Bedroom Divider - 9 Amazing Bedroom Divider Closet Ideas To Maximize Your Space: This bedroom design utilizes the bedroom space by using a combination of the Ikea Pax range as a bedroom divider to separate the sleeping area and the closet space turning in to a dressing room area. @chloedominik #bedroomdivider #bedroomdivisionideas  #bedroomdividerideas #bedroomclosetdividerideas #ikeapaxcloset #roomdividerideas
Source: Unknown

Dedicated Space

You may be lucky enough to have a whole room dedicated to build up your wardrobe, then you might consider shelving from top to bottom on either side.

Styling The Ikea Pax

It’s the personal styling that you’re able to do which makes your wardrobe your wardrobe. The combination of open shelving and drawers where you can place your favourite decor items and make it your own. You can also add some art prints, your most treasured shopped purchases and fashion books.

16 Stylish Wardrobe Ideas That Use The Ikea Pax - Blush and white
Source: Pop Sugar

Have you used the Ikea Pax to build your wardrobe or considering using it? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.


16 Stylish Wardrobe Ideas That Use The Ikea Pax

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