The Ultimate Guide To Layering Rugs In The Bedroom

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Layering rugs in the bedroom is one of the best ways to add interest and coziness. Your bedroom is the best place to play around with mixing rugs and layering. Why? Rug decor brings in softness in your bedroom and is a great practical element.

Sometimes we tend to overthink the design of layering, overlapping and mixing rugs int he bedroom. But really it’s a chance to have fun with colour and pattern. As well as creating a relaxing bedroom retreat for yourselves.

Here are the best tips for layering rugs in the bedroom!

Layering Rugs In The Bedroom

When it comes to layering rugs in the bedroom, it works the same way as layering rugs in the living room. It’s about highlighting and defining your bedroom space. In a small bedroom the same rule applies. The main focus point of any bedroom is the bed. So this is the area to consider first.

There are a few points to remember when laying your first rug down.

The Base Rug Tips:

Base Rug Size

Your first base rug is going to be under the bed. How much of the rug is under the bed is up to you.

This means your first rug has to be big enough width ways to fit your bed legs on it. And it’s best for the rug to extend a good 6″ to a foot either side of either side of the bed. To make sure the bed is central and the rug is still seen and not totally hidden by the bed.

Your base rug needs to be the largest rug out of the two or more rugs you’re layering. And needs to line up straight under your furniture. You can play around with the angles of the second layered rug. But it’s best to keep the first rug straight and central.

Measure the width of your bed and add 6 inches to a foot either side (or 1 metre) and that will give you the size you should be looking at for your base rug.

Area Rug According to Bed Size

  • King Size Bed: General rule of thumb for a king size bed a 8’x10′ area rug or a 9’x12′.
  • Queen Size Bed: General rule of thumb for a king size bed a 6’x9′ area rug or a 8’x10′.
  • Full Size Bed: The same sizes as queen size bed 6’x9′ or 8’x10′.

Arrangement Of The Base Rug

The next factor will come down to preference. For example if you like stepping on to soft ground first thing after getting up, that will come into play. If so, it’s a good idea to shift your base rug higher up. That way when you jump out of bed in the morning your feet immediately have a soft landing. So the rug will be one quarter to one third of the way down from the headboard.

Base rug to layering rugs in bedroom under the bed
Base rug to layering rugs in bedroom with bench at bottom of the bed
Smaller base rug to layering rugs in bedroom under the bed

You can shift the rug further down to half way or three quarters of the way down. If you have a bench a small seating area at the foot of the bed this rug arrangement might work better for you.

If you’re not working with a standard size rug and you’re going a bit smaller, half way down the bed or further is the best option. So the rug is still largely seen.

Base Rug

As in the first point, a lot of the base rug will be hidden by either the bed and the layered rug on top. Using a low pile rug is the best option. Also neutral colour rug gives you a bit more leeway when layering your next rug. A natural fibre rug is a good place to start!

Unless you want to lay a patterned rug on top of patterned rug. Or colour with colour. But that’s totally up to you!

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Layering Rugs

Now comes the fun! The rug on top of the base rug should be smaller. It can be the same shape as the base rug, rectangular or square but it definitely needs to be smaller. This is you’re keeping the rugs in the same positioning with no rugs at angles.

If you’re looking to do something different, then angling the second rug on top will make a statement. This idea is great for a boho bedroom design or a similar look.

Overlapping area rugs that are different sizes work well. You can use runners to overlap and to add interest to the bedroom. Put down a runner rug either one side of both sides of the bed.

Layering Rugs Using Texture

Overlapping rugs that are different and irregular shapes adds an interesting effect. Such as sheepskin or a cowhide rug on top of a low pile area rug. Playing with different textures is a great way for layering rugs if you want to keep the style subtle.

Playing With Pattern

There are a couple of ways to go when layering pattern on pattern. You can go for the same pattern in different scale to link the rugs together. Or you can contrast the pattern and tie the two rugs together through colour.

Layering Rugs Over Carpet

I’m all for carpet in bedrooms upstairs! (Noise reduction. If you have kids you’ll know!) But you can still experiment with layering rugs with a bedroom that’s carpeted. Again, it’s best if you have a low pile carpet so its easier to layer the rugs on top.

Layering Rugs Bedroom Guide

Here are some rug combos for layering rugs in the bedroom!

Layering rugs in the bedroom guide

1. NuLoom Jute and Cotton Rug | 2. Tufted Caro Rug | 3. Vinonelo Black Rug | 4. Tufted Grandada Diamond Rug | 5. Seagrass Border Rug | 6. Distressed Boho Border Rug | 7. Blue Shag Tassel Rug | 8. Flatwoven Azurine Rug | 9. Ivory Paddle Rug | 10. Cotton Abstract Rug | 11. Blended Wool Rug | 12. Rustic Cowhide Rug

1 NuLoom Jute and Cotton Rug + 2. Tufted Caro Rug

A combination like this is one the easiest ways to layer your rugs. The base rug is a textured jute jug in a neutral colour which allows you to add pretty much any rug you like on top. I love this pretty pink floral rug. It really pops off against the base rug!

3. Vinonelo Black Rug + 4. Tufted Grandada Diamond Rug

Diamond on diamond pattern for this pairing. The black and the diamond pattern pulls the two together.

5. Seagrass Border Rug + 6. Distressed Boho Border Ru

Another classic rug pairing is a natural textured rug with a contrasting traditional vintage feel rug. The colours are of the same tone but they’re totally different materials and looks.

Instead of textured rug as a base layer, a solid colour is a similar material works as well!

9. Ivory Paddle Rug + 10. Cotton Abstract Rug

Contrasting patterns and shape also work well. Love this abstract rug with a the repeated small scale diamond pattern.

Irregular shaped rugs like cowhides is a great for layering with a rectangular rug!

Hope that has helped with ideas for layering rugs in your bedroom!


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