14 Stunning Statement Mirrors And How To Use Them At Home

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Who doesn’t love a beautiful mirror in the home?! Statement mirrors are such a great way to add a style and elegance to the space! You can make it the focal point of the room with just the mirror alone or use as part of bigger collective group, maybe central to a seating area.

Using a statement mirror is a good option if you’re struggling as to what to do with an empty corner or room. It’s just a matter of finding the right size and style that suits you. That might take a bit of time but it’s worth the effort when you find one you love!

If an art gallery wall just isn’t for you then a statement mirror is a good bet to make. It will help make the room larger and brighter and you can count it as an art piece in itself. Adding interest, texture, shape and light to your room. Here are some gorgeous ideas on how to use statement mirrors at home…

Living Rooms

A minimalist style living room needs something simple mirror. A slim edged black framed oversized floor mirror fits in with this living room style.

The finish of the mirror frame makes a big difference to the living room. A wooden frame adds to the cozy and relaxed vibe of the room, while making the most of the natural light from the window.

Fireplace Mantels

Placing a mirror on the fireplace mantel seems to double the space in the room. White is the dominant colour in the living room but it still has a warm feeling with all the soft furnishings used. And for the mirror they’ve opted to keep the colour white instead of using a contrasting colour. By using a white frame it helps draws your attention back to the reflected the light fixture.

Here are pretty gold ornate mirror on the mantel adds more sophistication to the gorgeously styled space. A simple vase and minimal art prints make the gold mirror stand out even more.


A black frame for a statement mirror adds a dramatic edge to the bedroom!

If you’re going for a boho style bedroom and are incorporating rattans and caned items then a light bamboo framed mirror will fit in perfectly with the look.

Another gilded statement mirror, this time for the bedroom. These Anthropologie gilded mirrors are so popular at the moment but how can they not be?! They’re so pretty and suit about any space.

Entryways & Hallways

Having a mirror just in the entryway is a perfect spot to put a statement mirror. Make the area a bit more functional by placing a console beneath the mirror for when you’re coming and going.

Using a bench sit below the mirror in the is another great solution hallway solution to keep organized.

If your hallway is limited on space, then a slim lined statement mirror might be the only large piece you can fit there. You can style the are with plants and other decor pieces that are easier to move around.

Dining Rooms

According to the practice of Feng Shui, having mirrors in your dining room is one of the best places you can put them. Who’s not happy when they’re eating?! So this huge grid statement mirror on the back wall of this dining room is spot on.

A large round mirror takes centre position in the decorated interior niche, reflecting the dining table area and the spectacular sputnik chandelier.

A simple but stunning dining room. The mirror highlights all the best features about the room, from the ceiling height and the fantastic light fixture above the table.

Even with the eclectic mix of home styling the antiqued gilded mirror still fits in perfectly with this dining room.

9 Favourite Statement Mirrors

  1. Rococo Floor Mirror: A gorgeous Rococo style white floor mirror that will suit a modern style or classic.
  2. Selene Floor Mirror: If you have a big space to fill up then this mirror from Urban Outfitters is wide enough to fill up a good amount of wall space.
  3. Rounded Triangle Mirror: It’s all about the geometric shape of this rounded triangular mirror, an interesting piece to have that will draw attention.
  4. Iron Grid Mirror: This mirror would look great inside or out in the garden!
  5. Camillia Mirror: It seems that Anthropologie is the place to go for if you like the antique decorative frames.
  6. Louvel Mirror: This kind of style is timeless in any space, I love the antiqued silver finish too!
  7. Owl Wooded Mirror: Another gorgeous collection from Anthropologie, with an elegant frame style.
  8. Leon Carved Mirror: Black accents work so well in the home so this matte black mirror is sure stand out anywhere you put it.
  9. Gerald Round Mirror: This round mirror will look great above a console in an entryway or a dining room.

From a simple living room space to a maximalist style, using statement mirrors can really help pull a room together quickly! And from the ideas in the post there are so many ways you use them!


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