17 Interiors That Will Make You Fall in Love With Panelled Walls

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Panelled walls are all over the interior radar and have been for a while. I’ve pinned so many inspiration images to my Pinterest boards I’ve lost count! But it’s not hard to see why panelled interiors are so popular as it can work with almost any design or style. From traditional style, to contemporary minimal and transitional.

There are so many ways to interpret the panelled wall design! Here are some of my favourites…

More Panelled Bedrooms

Adding some simple vertical battens on the back wall of the bed creates a simple feature. I love the contrast of the cream and rust red paint colours paired with the traditional elements of the rest of the room.

In this bedroom they’ve opted for slim profile in the width size and elongated the length on the upper halves. And stuck with a white base for a clean crisp look.

A thick and bold panel design is further enhanced by using a dark grey colour. It packs a punch for the focal bed wall.

White Parisian Panelled Bedroom -17 Interiors That Will Make You Fall in Love With Panelled Walls: A gorgeous and elegant Parisian interior styled bedroom featuring panelled doors throughout. All painted in an off warm white color. @chloedominik #panelledwalls #panelwalls #panelledinteriors #panelledinteriorwalls #panelwallideas #panelwalldesigns #frenchinteriordesignparisianstyle #elegantparisbedroom #whitepanellingwallsbedroom
Source: Elle Decor

I love this bedroom which seems to have plenty of integrated with hidden storage. The doors have been panelled to create a feature within the bedroom space.

Panelled walls are suited to children’s rooms as well. Adding the duck blue colour at the bottom of the walls helps to soften the space up. It becomes a lot more playful with the colour block.


This home office design was first featured in one of my Pinterest favourites. Here it is again! I think the wallpaper design works so well with the panel design.

The panel detailing doesn’t get lost with the pattern, instead you have multiple canvases to look at through out the room. A creative home office that’s sure to inspire!

White Panel Wall Scandi Interior - 17 Interiors That Will Make You Fall in Love With Panelled Walls: A beautiful and calming room with low profile square panel design on the walls to add interest to what would be an otherwise neutral space. @chloedominik #panelledwalls #panelwalls #panelledinteriors #panelledinteriorwalls #panelwallideas #panelwalldesigns #scandiinteriors #whitescandinavianinterior #scandinavianwallpanel
Source: Ikea

A pretty Scandinavian design for a bedroom with a working area. The wall panelling depth is only slight, giving it a subtle interest to the room. With the panelling only going half way up the room is still lends to a neutral calming space.

Dining and Kitchen Areas

Modern Dining Room - 17 Interiors That Will Make You Fall in Love With Panelled Walls: a beautiful modern dining room is designed with traditional white panel walls, ceiling moulding and parquet floorings. The modern dining area furniture contrasts the surroundings to make it a balanced and interesting dining space. @chloedominik 
#panelledwalls #panelwalls #panelledinteriors #panelledinteriorwalls #panelwallideas #panelwalldesigns #panelledwalldiningroom #panelledwalldining
Source: Asia Tatler

This dining room has all the elements that you would normally associate with traditional panelled wall rooms. It has the parquetry floor, the gorgeous ceiling medallion and mouldings all painted white. A very Parisian feel.

The modern furniture takes it away from an all out traditional dining room. I love it.

Panelled Banquette Seating - 17 Interiors That Will Make You Fall in Love With Panelled Walls: A banquette seat  has an integrated panel design in a square pattern with a built in ledge at the top for adding decor pieces. @chloedominik #panelledwalls #panelwalls #panelledinteriors #panelledinteriorwalls #panelwallideas #panelwalldesigns #banquetteseating #banquetteseatingdesign
Source: Remodelista

A built in bench is a cool place to install a panelled design. Painting it a soft pastel colour makes it more inviting to sit down. You can add some cushions of course.

Blue Panel Hidden Door Interiors - 17 That Will Make You Fall in Love With Panelled Walls: A storage area in a dining area is made a stand out feature by using a panel design for the walls and painted in a deep blue integrating a hidden panel door for access to the storage area. @chloedominik #panelhiddendoor #panelledwalls #panelwalls #panelledinteriors #panelledinteriorwalls #panelwallideas #panelwalldesigns #hiddendoorsinwallpanel #panelwalldiningroom #bluepanelledwalls
Source: Plastolux

This panelled wall has been painted a beautiful blue. It looks unusual and elegant and absolutely love the hidden door to the storage room.

Some more hidden storage ideas with this dining room opting for built in along the back wall.

A clever and pretty storage solution.


A panelled wall makes a stunning feature for a backdrop to a free standing tub. This panelling has a cool visual effect with the different profiles used.

The little incorporated ledge makes it ultra practical for your bathroom accessories as well.

Living Rooms

A classic square design for the fire place wall is followed through to make a niche wall display. Simple but effective.

Black Panel Living Room - 17 Interiors That Will Make You Fall in Love With Panelled Walls: A modern apartment interior with black panel wall design with a wall paper design in the centre of each panel. @chloedominik #panelledwalls #panelwalls #panelledinteriors #panelledinteriorwalls #panelwallideas #panelwalldesigns #modernapartmentlivingroom
Source: Asanderus

This modern apartment living room uses panelling to highlight the patterned wallpaper used for the design.

Using panelled walls compliments this dark and moody interior living room perfectly.

Another classic wall panel design to finish off the focal fireplace wall. Making it a lovely transitional living room with neutral tones and traditional furniture pieces.

What do you think of the panelled walls look? Let me know in the comments below.


17 Interiors That Will Make You Fall in Love With Panelled Walls: Creating a panel design for a room can be a great way to add subtle or dramatic interest to the space. Panelling adapts to almost any interior design, look and style. Here are some panelled interiors for inspiration and ideas for your home. @chloedominik #panelledwalls #panelwalls #panelledinteriors #panelledinteriorwalls #panelwallideas #panelwalldesigns

Feature Image Source: Decorating Centre

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  1. What is this bed headboard ???!
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    1. Hi there Tijana,
      I’m not sure where that particular rattan headboard is from. It’s lovely isn’t it? If you’re still looking for rattan headboards I’ve seen some really nice ones from Urban Outfitters and Citizenry. I hope that helps!

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