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6 Tips To Refresh Your Bedroom Without Doing A Full Makeover

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When wanting to change your space up, it’s easy to get in to the mindset of buying new everything to get a new look. Of course it’s a lot of fun that way if you have the budget to do so, but there are some simple ways to refresh your bedroom without doing a full on makeover. Call it a refresh for the change of seasons…

Here are my bedroom refresh tips with minimum spend!

1. Bed Linens

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom. Changing your duvet is simple but it will transform the bedroom. Whether you go for neutral or patterned option what’s on your bed will completely change how the bedroom looks and feels. I always love getting a new linen set just for that reason alone.

You can change up the look from week to week depending on how you’re feeling. Choosing contrasting or similar colours to what’s in your bedroom will make it feel like a different space.

2. Declutter

Decluttering might be a bit more of a task but it is definitely minimum spend. Getting clear with what should stay in your bedroom and what can go is going to free up the space around you. You’ll feel a whole lot better once it is tidy and organized. Once that’s done you might actually have the room to add a new piece of furniture to the bedroom.

3. Artwork

Choosing artwork that resonates with you and fits the space is another way for a quick refresh. Yes, pricing for the artwork you like can vary dramatically and it’s totally personal. If you’re looking to keep it within a certain price bracket there are lots of way to some affordable artwork you like without spending loads.

4. Plants

Bringing in a couple of plants will literally breathe life into the bedroom! The same goes for a bunch a fresh florals. These can be simply from your garden.

5. Feng Shui

By just applying some basic Feng Shui tips to your bedroom you might find that you sleep a little better. It’s simply adjusting the arrangement of your furniture and certain pieces that might be affecting the energy of the bedroom. Don’t worry if you can’t apply all the tips to the space. Some changes might work for you and others may not.

If you do make any changes it might be worth noting down if you feel any different or notice any changes just by writing it down. This goes for all the tips in the post. After all your space is supposed to be make you feel happier and healthier!

6. Personal Touches

What makes your bedroom yours or any space for that matter is you. So what items are important to you? What brings a smile to your face and brings up the best memories? Put those things in prime place and position!

Is your bedroom in need a refresh? Let me know which of these bedroom refresh tips you’ll be using!


6 Tips To Refresh Your Bedroom Without Doing A Full Makeover - If you're thinking about redecorating your bedroom theres a few simple things you can change without having to go all in on a whole makeover. Here are some bedroom ideas on how to transform your bedroom with a minimal amount of money. @chloedominik #bedroomdecor #bedroomtips #bedroomtipshowtodecorate #bedroomrefresh #bedroomrefreshideas #bedroombudgetmakeover #bedroomtipsandtricks

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