7 Reasons Why Decluttering Is Hard And How To Get Past It

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As with most things we know we need to get done, it’s usually the start that brings up the most difficulty. At the beginning stage there’s zero momentum and we are stuck going nowhere. Which is why so often decluttering and organizing our home gets pushed to the back burner. Decluttering is hard especially if it’s been on your to do list forever!

Like most things its just about getting into the right mindset. Here are some of the main reasons why it can be a struggle to start decluttering and how you can get past them.

Why Is Decluttering Hard?

1. It’s Not For You

You think declutter and the minimalist interior go hand in hand with each other. You’re definitely not a minimalist in style or in nature so you’ve decided that decluttering is not your thing.

Mindset Change #1: Decluttering isn’t about stripping down the home bare, free of all personality and stuff. (Not unless you want it that way). It’s just about streamlining the things that matter and organizing things in a way that works for you. Your home can still feel cozy without being minimalist.

2. You’ve Accepted The Mess

It’s become comfortable to you. You think that being messy is just a part of who you are and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ve accepted it and now you’re used to being unorganized and unable to find things. It might be frustrating but hey that’s life!

Mindset Change #2: Sometimes it can be a lot easier to hold on to everything rather than to let go of things that have an attachment to. Not everything is meant to be kept forever. There’s a season and reason and sometimes that season is over. Keep the things you love only. Let’s look forward to next chapter!

3. Moving Is The Only Solution

You think moving house is the only solution to get the home you’ve always dreamed of. If you move to a bigger house you’ll have all the space you need to have all your belongings without having to make any decisions on what to or not keep. On the other hand if you move to a smaller house you will have no choice but declutter and organize your things upon moving. (That’s the plan anyway).

Obviously moving house is a huge expense, you really don’t have to wait until your finances and the market is good to enjoy your home. That should never be a thing pushed out in the future. Your home should be enjoyed now and it’s a lot easier to declutter now than adding to the stress when moving.

Mindset Change #3: Unless you don’t declutter in the here and now, it will be highly unlikely that you will declutter when you move. Decluttering is always a good habit to get into besides you’ll probably end up with even more stuff in a bigger house. Or a smaller house that’s crammed full.

4. Over Thinking It

It’s almost too overwhelming to even think about starting! You have no idea where to start so you don’t. Or you figure if you start you won’t finish, so you don’t. When you’re picturing yourself having to declutter your mind immediately defaults to the worst area of the home and there’s no way you can deal with that!

Mindset Change #4: Start small don’t think about the biggest task or the worst area. Focus in on a corner of a room, a set of drawers etc. This will slowly set the pace and get you working on to bigger and better.

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5. Putting It Off

You’ve been waiting for the right time. The new year, for spring clean, when you’ve got that work project finished, when the kids go back to school. How many of those supposed start dates have come and gone and been around again?

Mindset Change #5: Until you make decluttering a top priority there’s always going to be at least 10 reasons for you not to start. Set a date and rope in some family of friends to help if you need to!

6. No Plan

You’re ready to start but you have no idea how to go about it. Where to begin or how long it’s going to take.

Mindset Change #6: Writing down things helps! Even if it’s a list of everything that’s bothering you the most. That will give you good starting point. Those bad points will be a good incentive to get started decluttering or my 7 Step Declutter ebook will guide you through.

7. Forgetting The Benefits

Ultimately we can get so in our heads about starting and the actual process that we don’t look at the big picture. What will it be like once it’s finished? Why am I doing this? Sometimes it’s good to write a quick list of all the reasons as to why decluttering will benefit yourself and your home. Write them out and pin it up as your motivation!

Mindset Change #7: Thinking of the benefits and the end result should always be the main focus no matter what stage you’re at in the process. The benefits of decluttering go on and on and results in so much more than a happy home! Less stress, anxiety a more welcoming home and more free time for things you love.

What’s you do you struggle with when it comes down to decluttering? Let me know in the comments below!


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