7 Tips For A Cool Summer's Night Sleep

7 Tips For A Cool Summer’s Night Sleep

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Summer is the time of year for outdoor parties, patios and barbecues. Though we may be loving the summer temperatures during the day, the nights can be a different story. Here are some top tips for a cool summer’s night sleep.

1. Change Your Bedding

I’m sure you don’t sleep with the duvet you had on your bed during the winter but for hot nights you need an overhaul. Invest in some natural fabric sheets. Linen or cotton percale are the best. Both natural fibres which means the air will circulate better around you. You shouldn’t be hot and sticky under there. Layer your bedding so you can pull an extra sheet over if you get too cold later in the night.

2. Your Sleepwear

Two options. Either go naked (apparently it’s good for you). If you’re one those people who won’t or can’t sleep naked, invest in some cotton or linen pjs. Make sure they’re a bit looser fitting than normal.

7 Tips For A Cool Summer's Night Sleep
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3. Prep Your Room

You want to be in the most relaxing space for where you sleep regardless. A messy bedroom isn’t going to put you in the most relaxed state. Also if your room tends to get a lot of sun during the day, you might want to leave the windows open but close the blinds or the drapes.

4. Cool Settings

Use your hot water bottle, fill it up with ice cold water. Or use an ice pack. Another trick is putting your bed sheets in the fridge or the freezer before bed time. Keep them wrapped in an air tight bag before putting them in. The sheets should stay cool long enough for you to fall asleep.

5. Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated during the day has a big effect on your body temperature when it’s time to go to bed. Drinking plenty of water will help regulate your body temperature so you’re not overheated.

6. A Cold Shower

Take a cold shower just before going to bed. If you’ve been feeling hot all day it’ll help you cool down and feel a bit less sweaty before going to bed.

7. Aromatherapy

Try some essential oils. Misting some lavender or rose water over your bedding before you hit the sack should help you to relax a little bit more and ease any tensions.

What are your top tips for keeping cool during a hot summer’s night? Let me know in the comments below!


7 Tips For A Cool Summer's Night Sleep

This post contains affiliate links.

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