6 Best Online Sites for Creative Courses

6 Best Online Sites for Creative Courses You Need To Try!

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Kind of following off from the well being theme last week, it got me thinking of well being not only for your living space but life in general. They say if you’re not growing you’re dying. And there’s lots to learn!

Reading is always a great option or you can invest in a course. It’s great to get out and about but sometimes that’s not always possible, so online is hassle free. I’ve been looking in to some creative courses for myself recently. YouTube is great, but sometimes it’s worth putting in the little extra in to yourself!

Creative Courses online


This online learning site is a new one for me, but I’m keen to try it out. Aimed for creatives taught by expert professionals. You can create your own little classroom by creating your own Domestika course bundle.


My brother introduced me to this site as he’d purchased some courses himself. I went a little crazy in their sale and got a few creative courses for myself. Udemy offers courses in a whole range of categories from business development, to makeup to design and photography.


Masterclass offers courses from the top and most recognised people in their professions, celebrities known all over the world. With classes from people like Shonda Rimes, Gordon Ramsay, Anna Wintour and Misty Copeland.


I’ve been seeing Skillshare promoted on YouTube a lot. They offer a 2 month trial to get you started. Courses are brought to you by industry experts like interior designer Emily Henderson from HGTV and illustrator Victo Ngai whose work has been featured in the New York Times.

Lynda/ LinkedIn Learning

I bought my very first online course from Lynda a few years back. It’s now known as LinkedIn Learning. And it’s still one of the best for online courses. They offer a first month free trial and certifications at the end of the courses.


Patreon is a popular site for creatives who already sharing their work through other channels like YouTube. If you’re already a fan of someone’s work you can support and subscribe by paying a small fee to their channel. You can unlock certain skills shared on their feed by paying or fee or subscribing to their content.

There are so many more courses that I want to try, I’m thinking I’ll bring you a review at some point. Have you tried any creative courses from any of the above? Or if you’ve done a course from another website drop it down in the comments below!


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