Amazing Wet Room Ideas: Top 12

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I’ve been roaming about on Pinterest as usual…. and loads of design inspiration for wet rooms have been popping up. I featured a wet room design on the Pinterest favourites.

I think a wet room design, with the shower and bath enclosed in one space is a great idea. It’s practical and a good use of space. You can really get creative with the freedom of less confined areas! Here are some favourite wet room designs…

Wet Room Ideas

The featured image is cool and modern with a hint of Indonesian design inspiration with the wood elements used mixed with the terrazzo flooring.

Source: Joesph Bosco

An all black and white wet room design. I like the big pattern tiles used for the walls and the small circular pattern used on the flooring.

Contemporary Grey Wet Room - Amazing Wet Room Ideas: Top 12: A contemporary wet room with a minimal aesthetic clad in grey large tiles with natural light. The bathroom is finished with black shower fixtures. @chloedominik #greybathroom #contemporarywetroom #wetroomideas #minimalbathroomdesign #minimalwetroom #greyandblackbathroom
Source: Est Living

An ultra sleek masculine wet room kitted out in black fixtures to compliment the grey tiling.

Amazing Wet Room Ideas: Top 12 - All white subway tile and gold fixtures
Source: Unknown

Not your standard bathroom! The curved ceiling is a cool design feature. You wouldn’t complain waking up to this every morning!

A modern his and hers symmetrical wet room design complete with shower heads and matching nooks. I feel its very Japandi inspired, balanced and minimal but with detail.

The wooden slats for the shower floor help break up all the white subway tile. And it doesn’t have to be all free standing bath tubs used! A built in corner bath will save even more room.

Source: Est Living – Design by Biasol

An elegant and classic design. Grey, white and gold. Simple.

Small Wet Rooms

The patterns used in the all white bathroom here is what makes this design. From the frosted glass blocks in the window, to the wall down to the flooring.

A great example of how creative you can get with your design. I love the teal coloured tiling that follows up from the flooring through to the ceiling.

Amazing Wet Room Ideas: Top 12 - black fixtures and marble
Source: Planete-Decor – Design by Zrobym Architects

A gorgeous design using marble tiles for the flooring and walls with all matte black fixtures to match.

Source: Refinery 29 -Design by Emily Henderson

This design by Emily Henderson brightens up the space of the bathroom. The white helps open up the small space but the teal blue tiles add interest to the space.

Amazing Wet Room Ideas: Top 12 - Small Modern Wet Room
Source: Decor Qeeny

Sometimes the smaller the better. A perfect size to fit your bath and shower. Not much is needed to create a great design, like the herringbone pattern on the back wall and the egg shaped bath.

What do you think about having a wet room inspiration ideas? Let me know in the comments below.


12 Amazing Wet Room Ideas: Designing a wet room is becoming more common in interior design instead of the standard bathroom setup of shower in bath tub and all separate zones. Wet rooms is the ideal for one open area broken up into more subtle zones allowing for a more creative bathroom design. Here some wet room inspiration designs. @chloedominik #wetroom #wetroomideas #wetroombathroom #wetroominspiration #bathroominspiration

Featured image Casa Vogue

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