10 Quick Basic Tips To Good Bedroom Feng Shui

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I’ve always found Feng Shui an interesting subject as it gives some good practical advice when dealing with our homes and spaces. Feng Shui is such a complex subject I know only the basics but theres so much more that goes into it. Marie Diamond is a good teacher on Feng Shui.

Our bedroom space is an important room in our home. It’s where we go to rest, relax and recharge. It’s our personal space, dedicated to us only and where we spend a lot of our time. The principles of Feng Shui offer some practical guides in energy and creating more positivity in our lives including in our relationships.

See if some of these bedroom Feng Shui tips can help you with organizing your room and your life!

good Bedroom feng Shui tips

1. Keep Your bedroom Tidy

One of the first things to make sure to do in the bedroom is to keep it free of clutter. This is a basic rule in Feng Shui for any room of the home. Clutter is just bad energy and vibes period, whether you use any of the Feng Shui principles or not. At the very minimum clutter needs to eliminated as much as possible.

Also you want to make sure that underneath your bed is kept tidy. This doesn’t mean you can’t keep anything under the bed. Just keep in mind what is is you’re storing under there and that it’s packed away neatly.

Stick to using under the bed storage for extra bed linens, blankets and towels. These kind of items are less likely to have any memories or attachments to them which can block positive energy.

2. Your Bed

The most important part of the bedroom is the position of your bed. Your bed should not be directly facing the door. Meaning a position where your feet are pointing out the door. But you should be able to see the door, so you can see anyone that enters your room when you’re in bed.

The bed in this position means it’s in the commanding position. Your bed should always be the focal point of your bedroom.

If you have the bedroom space you should leave room for walkways on both sides of the bed, instead of having the bed pushed to one side of the wall. The spaces of either side of the bed represents male and female energies and this should be balanced which is why it’s best to have the bed in the middle. If you have a partner this allows for both of you to have your separate space for getting in and out of bed.

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips Bed In the Commanding Position

3. A Headboard

Having a headboard represents support and stability. Try to avoid having your headboard behind a window or the door. The headboard should be against a solid wall, again to reinforce the stability element.

Another principle for the placement headboard is to avoid putting it against a wall that has a bathroom or toilet the other side. These are places where the waste and dirt goes so it’s not the best in terms of good energy.

4. Nightstands

Symmetry creates good Feng Shui within the bedroom. So if you have the bed in the command position having a nightstand either side creates good balance and harmony. The nightstands don’t have to be matching but similar in size and style for symmetry. So you can mix and match your furniture to a degree.

5. Mirrors

Our bedroom is the space we usually get dressed and ready in so having a mirror in the space is usual. However mirror placement is key. The mirror should not be directly facing the bed. It implies that there is a stranger in the bed with you. The same rule applies for anything shiny and reflective you might have directly opposite your bed in the room.

Use the mirrors to reflect anything of beauty back into the room. Such as a window view which brings in nature and sunlight. Or a place the mirrors behind your nicely styled nightstands.

6. Electronics FREE ZONE

It’s best to keep electronics like tv’s, laptops, phones and digital devices out of the bedroom. We know that they are connected to a power source and create magnetic fields which can disrupt our quality of sleep. In other words this can cause negative energy.

If electrical devices do end up in your room place them as far away from your bed as possible before you go to bed. If you want to focus on a calm bedroom space, your best bet is sticking to a no tech bedroom zone.

7. Dressers & Vanities

Sometimes we have the space to sit and get ready with a dresser or a vanity in the bedroom. If you have a dresser to sit down and get ready your back should not be facing the door. As with the bed you want to be able to see who is coming into your space.

8. Feng SHui Colour

Choosing the right colour for your bedroom is a personal choice. It has to be a colour you find soothing and comforting. Depending on the person and the bedroom space this is going to be totally different for individuals.

Some of us like to wake up to a bright and fresh bedroom with sun pouring through the windows. Others like to feel like they’re wrapped in a cocoon so its’s easier to go to sleep at night, so they might choose a darker colour. It’s whatever colour attracts us the most.

9. What Artwork is best?

When choosing artwork for your bedroom think about what it represents and how you feel when bringing it in the bedroom. Family photos and friends should be saved for social areas of the home. Like the mirror representation it can feel like bringing people into your room that shouldn’t be there.

You can choose abstract art works that evoke more of a feeling than place a something or someone in your room. Artwork of nature is also a good thing to put in there. If you wouldn’t want the real life thing there in your bedroom it’s probably not a good idea to put it on your bedroom wall.

10. Nature

Bringing in plants and flowers in to the bedroom is a plus for positive energy. Unless you feel they’re going to die of course! If you feel that’s the case choose a good quality artificial plant. The ones made of silk are the best option as they’re made from a natural material.

Remember these are just general bedroom Feng Shui tips, so don’t worry about trying to implement them all! If you feel that your bedroom is some how “off” or you’re having trouble sleeping it’s worth trying a couple of tips to see if they make any difference.

Have you all ready tried some of these bedroom Feng Shui tips? Let me know how they worked for you in the comments below!


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  1. Hello Chloe,

    Great job, congratulations.

    Very useful tips. Honestly, I didn’t know a few… I’ve tried to change the room I am living in at the moment but didn’t work out. It’s a very small square room with the bed head as the same a level as the door with a bathroom just behind it, the feet facing a small window.
    I’ll try my best to use some of your tips to make it work a bit better.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Thank you! Yea try a couple tips out and see if you see a benefit. I hope it improves you room even if it’s only a little bit!

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