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5 Easy And Quick Ideas To Try For A Tidy Bedroom

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When it comes to keeping your bedroom neat and tidy, the main thing to assess is your storage! To keep and maintain a tidy bedroom you need to have different storage solutions. Solutions that work for the size of the bedroom and your own personal needs.

Here are the main things to consider for your bedroom to keep on top of organization, so you can enjoy your bedroom space no matter how big or small your bedroom is!

1. Appropriate Nightstands

Nightstands and or a dresser is more or less a bedroom basic. But getting the right type of nightstand is the key to keeping your bedroom a clutter free zone. Depending on what other storage you have in your bedroom and the size is going to determine what nightstand you choose.

If you have a bedroom on the smaller side, the nightstand needs to have a balance between the right amount of storage and something that’s not too “heavy” for the space.

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2. Install Hooks

Installing hooks is an easy way to keep things out of the way and off the floor. You can get creative with the way you use the hooks. Maybe incorporate a decorative hook as piece in a mixed gallery wall in your bedroom.

Small hooks can be used to store your favourite jewellery chains and necklaces. And larger hooks can be used to hang your bags, hats and accessories. Don’t forget the back of the bedroom door to include on your list for lightweight jackets, hoodies and dressing gowns.

Mounting hooks in your bedroom will help free up some space if you’re running low on closet space!

3. Shelves & Ledges

Incorporating shelf units and ledges will give you the freedom to style your bedroom the way you like it without having to worry about taking up precious real estate surface on your dressers and nightstands.

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4. Under The Bed Storage

All too often we can end up looking for things that have fallen under the bed instead of just using the under bed storage space. If you do have a bed that is off the floor making the most of the storage that’s underneath the bed is a must.

Under the bed is a great place for storing heavy seasonal clothes and extra bed linens. Using simple storage boxes and baskets for under the bed is the best way to keep it organized and to keep a tab on what you have under there.

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5. A Storage Bench

Adding a storage bench at the end of your bed is a great option. If you haven’t got a storage bench or there isn’t space under the bed this might work for you instead. A place to keep shoes and other items out the way for a tidy bedroom.

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What are your best buys and storage solutions to keep your bedroom tidy? Let me know in the comments below!


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