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12 Beautiful Botanical Peel And Stick Wallpaper Prints

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Deciding to put up wallpaper used to be a huge commitment for the home. The new idea of peel and stick wallpaper helps navigate that decision making a little better! Depending on the pattern scale of paper and the size of the room, you can never be too sure! The idea of how you thought it would look, could easily not align with the reality. So the risk was all or nothing! And however it turned it out we lived with it.

I’ve been seeing lots of great mini makeovers using peel and stick wallpaper. Using peel and stick wallpaper is a great option as to trying out something new and maybe out of your comfort zone. It’s especially good for renters who are looking to inject a bit of personality into their home as it won’t cause any trouble with the landlords. And for those of us who are looking to try something a little bolder peel and stick wallpaper gives the option of a transformation knowing it’s not a permanent fixture!

Even though peel and stick can be more of a temporary home decor fixture. The price you pay per roll can be just as expensive as the traditional wallpaper per roll. So it’s still a good idea to get in some samples for colour choices and also how easily they stick to your walls. Especially if you are trying it on a textured surface. Some wallpapers will work better than others.

I’ve been loving the botanical and floral prints lately! (Maybe due to the season). Playing with pattern scale size and colour you can get so many different styles that will suit all personalities and for the home. And with so much focus on our well being I feel how can you not go wrong with picking something imitating nature? Bringing out the biophilia element in the home. Here are some favourite botanical peel and stick wallpapers I found online.

Botanical Wallpaper Favourites

12 favourites of botanical and floral peel and stick wallpaper
  1. Etsy: Protea and Eucalyptus Flower Wallpaper. This one has to be my favourite! I love the linework with the pops of colour in the print.
  2. Anthropologie: Little Thistles Wallpaper. If you want a gallery wall without having to figure out the frames and sizes this wallpaper is a great idea.
  3. Etsy: Teal Floral Wallpaper. A delicate floral print against the vivid blue background gives this wallpaper a cool contrast.
  4. Wallpaper Direct: Grand Floral. I think this print would work perfectly in a grand millennial or a cottage core interior.
  5. Etsy: Daisy Meadow in Moonrise. It’s almost a dreamy kind of a wallpaper which would fit perfect in a bedroom.
  6. Etsy: Palm Tropical Wallpaper. This wallpaper makes you feel like you’re in a totally different country.
  7. Walls Need Love: Clara Black & White. A bold large scale floral that could be styled so many different ways because of the neutral tones.
  8. Haok Home: Watercolor Floral. This botanical print is in bright colourway so it’s sure to stand out.
  9. Etsy: Hummingbirds and Lemons Wallpaper. A fun and detailed wallpaper that you just can’t stop looking at!
  10. NuWallpaper: Peachy Keen. A cute fresh spring print to brighten up any morning!
  11. Loomwell: Eilish Wallpaper. Love this moody and dramatic floral as a statement for a bedroom or the living room.
  12. NuWallpaper: Grey Breezy. Literally airy and breezy like it’s title name. A soft layered watercolour print for a subtle touch.

Peel and stick wallpaper is sure way to instantly change up your space! I think I’m going to be building up a a collection of samples to try out different places! Have you tried using any removable wallpapers? Let me know in the comments below.


Peel and stick botanical wallpaper interior

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