12 Great Stylish Coffee Books For Under $50

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Coffee books are great to add to your tables and book shelves. I don’t think there are many great styled interior rooms that hasn’t got a good coffee book somewhere. Design and art books add interest and are great for browsing or reading in those quiet down times. And obviously, they just look good! You can turn to almost any page and there’s your art display.

However some coffee table design books can be on the expensive side. I’ve seen a lot of amazing coffee table books for well over a $100 and more, easily! A few of them are still on my wish list.

Here are a few coffee table book favourites that are easier on the pocket, for under $50. So here are some beautiful but cheap coffee table books to add to your own collection or to give as a gift!

Best Coffee Table Books $50 & Under

  1. There are so many great Vogue fashion coffee table books to choose from! This edition is a stylish one to have, the updated edition of Vogue The Covers has Rhianna on the front.
  2. A Kate Spade book, All In Good Taste. I love all the Kate Spade books!
  3. Living With Pattern this book will give you some ideas with using patterns in your home.
  4. Journey Of A Dress by the legendary Diane Von Furstenberg who created the wrap dress. If you haven’t seen her TedTalk, it’s so inspirational watch it!
  5. How to Slay a book of inspirational images featuring black models in photography and fashion.
  6. In The Company Of Women from the editor of Design Sponge. A book detailing creative, successful and entrepreneurial women in art and design. You could save this book for motivational inspiration for your home office instead.

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12 Stylish Coffee Books For Under $50
  1. The Finer Things a beautiful interior book to add to your coffee table for some interior inspiration.
  2. Who doesn’t love New York? A photography collection of people from one of the most diverse and eclectic cities Humans Of New York.
  3. Frida Kahlo one of the most recognized and famous female artists of all time. If you’re art lover a coffee table book about one of the great artists is a must.
  4. The late Alexander McQueen one of the most famous fashion designers, known for some amazing and unexpected fashion shows. This sleek black and gold cover you can style up in any colour room.
  5. Vogue Living the interiors version, of homes from country cottage and uptown living in the big cities.
  6. The popular lifestyle book Love Style Life by French photographer and illustrator Garance Doré.

Which of your coffee books do have at home and which books can’t your guests help but take a peek at? And let me know what your favourite design books are in the comments below!


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