Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

17 Great Tile Ideas For A Small Bathroom

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If you’re ever thinking about a redoing your bathroom, there are lots of different ways to go. A black and white tile design is usually a safe bet for a smaller size bathroom. As well as a more practical choice. Here are some tile ideas for a small bathroom that will get you excited for a bathroom renovation!

Tile Ideas For A Small Bathroom

For a small bathroom it never hurts to go with a white tile. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a colour and patterned tile for the floor. This pretty pink tile has been used in the shower and the rest of the bathroom by Borden Interiors.

This small bathroom has used hexagon tiles in a playful way. Gradually phasing out the hexagon tiles as they randomly climb the painted navy wall. With lots of hidden storage and open niches for easy access and to maximize storage.

Instead of phasing out the tile you could opt for a solid tile wall for the bottom half of the wall. And use the edge of the tile as the finishing edge to the upper half of the wall.

If you have a small bathroom with awkward angles you can play with tiles and pattern. These geometric tiles from Bert & May fit the angles of this bathroom perfectly. A simple tile design that can be arranged into so many different designs.

Black & White Tile Ideas

Using black and white tiles for any bathroom is usually a safe bet. Try mixing up the tile shapes on the floor and the walls like this bathroom. A white subway tile for the walls with a dark grout. And a black hexagon tile on the floor with a white grout. Contrasting the colour of the grout is a nice finishing detail too.

A small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to go small with tile. This bathroom design uses a black hexagon tile as well but on a bigger scale. And the larger scale tile works great in a the small bathroom.

The favourite combination of black and white and tiles have been used for this design. But the botanical wallpaper at the top of the wall gives it a fresh and modern look! It also adds a bit of colour and interest to the monochrome look.

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Floor Tiles

Maybe using tile throughout the whole bathroom isn’t the look you’re going for. Tiling just the floor will is an alternative design idea. For a detailed flooring tile like this one can opt for a simple option on the walls like a paint finish.

Painting the walls all the same colour, essentially blurs the four walls together. So that the main focus leads your eye to the floor. No matter what tile you pick for the floor its bound to stand out! It also creates a chance to pick a bolder tile than you normally would do!

Shower Tile Ideas

If you’re only going to use tile in one area. The shower is a great feature to highlight with a tile design. A dark green stacked tile in the shower contrasts the rest of the white bathroom space.

This bathroom uses a bright yellow geometric tile for the shower design. A little ledge incorporates a practical use for the shower wall. While the rest of the bathroom walls are tiled in a traditional white subway tile.

A penny tile is a fail safe when it comes to tile design, in small and big bathrooms. The penny tile is used throughout the shower area and across the bathroom floor to provide some continuity. Panelled walls help create warmth and give it a traditional look.

For a really small bathroom space, creating a wet room might be a great option to make the most out of the space. This modern design uses a black herringbone tile design across the floor and up the shower wall.

Tile Accent Wall

Small bathrooms give a chance to create a fun design. A black and white geometric tile creates a fun bathroom space as soon as you step through the door.

With a small bathroom emphasis is going to be towards good storage solutions. You could opt for a patterned tile design on the lower half or the wall and create a storage cupboard above. Pick out a colour from the tile for your cupboard so the design works together in the small space.

Using neutral colours and materials with a graphic tile is a great way to add interest to the bathroom. The full height of the back wall is filled with this playful tile. By using a floating vanity and shelf you can still catch glimpses of the patterned tile going all the way down.

If you have a fixed bath tub in your bathroom, you can use that half wall as a tiled design feature. Use a bold tile down the side of the bath tub and continue the tile across the bathroom floor.

I hope you found some inspiration amongst these tile ideas for a small bathroom space!


17 Great Tile Ideas For A Small Bathroom

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