23 Bench Cushion Sofa Favourites And Is Bench Is Better?

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When choosing a sofa the styles and options available are endless. You can buy straight from the store or go for a custom sofa. Either way a sofa is a long term investment. It should be lasting a good few years! A bench cushion sofa is a favourite sofa option of mine. It offers a sleek and elegant style as a sofa choice. 

I also think it looks a bit more clean than a traditional style sofa. And I mean clean both in looks and in practicality. It really depends on your preference and style. So think about the overall look of your room and not just individual pieces before buying anything.

Here are all the reasons to choose a sofa with bench cushion plus a favourites roundup!

What Is A Bench Seat Sofa?

But first, here’s the first question you might be asking…

A bench seat sofa is simply a single long seat cushion. This is instead of a traditional two or three cushion seat sofa. You can get a bench seat cushion in a sofa and in a sectional sofa as well. 

Bench Cushion Structure

What the actual cushion is made from is also a big part of the decision with any style of sofa. Here are the typical types of cushion you can choose from for a bench style sofa. 

1. Foam Cushion 

A foam cushion core is from a high density foam core which is wrapped in fibre to give a softer feel. This option is best for a formal sofa or chair as it gives a bit more of upright positioning. It’s the firmest option available with a smooth cushion surface. 

Foam is the most common cushion core found in sofas which gives it a good support. But a foam cushion can be used with other combinations to give it different cushion supports.

2. Foam and Feathers

Or foam and down (as in down feathers). This is when the foam is wrapped in a feather to give it a more plush feel. It has a comfy feel and you sink down in the feathers. It helps to retain the shape of the foam and you can even out any lumps and bumps. 

3. Foam and Coils

There is also an option of coils inside the foam, for a spring in the cushion and helps the cushion to keep its shape a bit more. 

4. All Feathers (Down)

For the ultimate lounge and sink in feel feathers is the option to go for. But it comes with a little more maintenance with fluffing and spreading out the feathers. 

All cushion types have their advantages and disadvantages as you can tell. But it depends on what you’re after and how you’re going to use the sofa. Is it for a formal room? Or is it going to double up as an extra bed for guests?

Remember that not all retailers will offer all options, some may only offer two at most. So ask that question first.

The Cons Of Having A Bench Cushion Sofa

With a two or three cushion seater sofa, you can easily rotate the seat cushions around and flip them over. This helps to even out wear of the cushions over the long term. 

The longer the length of the bench cushion the more chance of sagging in the middle. A bench cushion could be heavy too depending on the length of the cushion material. 

You have to make sure you fluff and even out the cushion after use. The best time to fluff and even out the cushions is the end of each day. By doing that each day you’ll keep the cushion in the best condition possible over time.

Depending of the length and what the bench seat is made from, it may take two people to flip and fluff as they can sometimes be a bit heavy.

Why Choose A Sofa With A Bench Cushion?

1. More Room

Have you ever wanted to sit down only to see that the two or three cushion sofa is filled up? Of course you can sit down and if you’re at friends or family’s house you probably will.

But with a bench cushion won’t feel like you’re invading someone’s space. It’s somewhat deceiving! (In a good way!) Something you might want to keep in mind if you have a lot of friends around your house. 

2. Nap Times

If you have friends and family over a lot and all beds are taken, a bench seat sofa is a more comfortable option than a traditional sofa. 

With no gaps in between cushions it’s a lot easier to stretch out for a few hours.

Or simply for lounging on film night. If you’re looking for more of a lounge sofa the depth of the sofa is an important factor too. 

3. A Clean Aesthetic 

A three seater sofa can look a little choppy in a small living room. You might want to consider a more simple look which a bench seat can offer. This style sofa can help your living room feel larger. As it reduces visual clutter.

And it just looks a lot neater in any living room. How the back of the sofa is constructed plays a part of course. For a really clean look a tight back sofa with a bench cushion is a great option. A tight back sofa just hasn’t got the cushions at the back. This is a great option if you’re going for a minimalist style. 

4. Less Lost Items

Carrying on from my last point. No gaps means less chances of small items getting lost in the gaps and cracks of the sofa. You may still find the odd item under there but not as you would with a multiple cushion sofa. 

5. Removable Covers

You might not have the ability to flip and rotate like a multiple seat sofa. But on a lot of bench seat sofas you can still remove the cushion cover. Just make sure you check cleaning instructions first. 

23 Sofas With Bench Cushion Favourites

1. Camden bench Sofa

A beautiful and modern sofa that makes a statement in any space with its sleek and clean line style. It has a deep set sway with a low back so it’s great for an open concept area.


A super cute and affordable sofa that’s great for small spaces. It comes in plush velvet in a pink or teal. If you’re on budget with limited space this sofa is an attractive option.


This sofa is great for any living room space with its classic shape and comfortable seating. The Axis bench sofa has three lengths available. A 76”, an 88” and a 105 length.


This sofa has tufted detail on the bench cushion. But otherwise with a clean line shaped sofa overall. There’s 10 colours of velvet to choose from. It’s off the floor.


I love this Italian look and it’s a great that it has a bit of shape and curve to the sofa. It just adds to the elegance of it. The Bouclé fabric definitely adds a European touch. And you can get in velvet for an even more luxurious look. 

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The Barton sofa is a perfect mix between a traditional and modern look. With a 3 cushion back and the seater bench cushion.


All the extra down filled cushions plus the deep bench seat, make this sofa the place to sink into and chill out! 

8. Hauge Mid Century Sofa

A stylish mid century style with flared arms and side cushions for extra comfort.

9. Waverley Tufted Sofa

If you want a showstopper, then this gorgeous sofa should be on your shortlist. It’s wrapped in a luxurious velvet which tops off the elegance.

10. CUTLER Sofa

Another slipcovered option sofa, this one’s from Serena and Lily. It has slender sloped arms giving you more space to stretch out when needed.


Slipcovered sofas are always a great option. It’s the ultimate casual but cozy style. Which suit a lot of design styles like grandma coastal and a transitional look. Slipcovered sofas are practical for young children and pets. And this sofa shape is a classic. 

Friday Bench Cushion Anthropologie


A beautiful formal sofa with an inviting feel thanks to the luxurious velvet material and removal cushions.

Eleanor Sofa from Lulu Georgia


This sofa can comfortably sit four people no problem. An elegant and classic sofa that will stand the test of time.

14. Lemieux et Cie Pierre Plinth Sofa

A super simple and elegant sofa, for the ultimate minimalist Japandi or an ultra contemporary living room design.


If you’re going for a traditional style sofa, then a camelback style is a nice option. It’s great that the Eloise sofa comes with the extra cushions.

16. Thelonious Square Arm Sofa

This bench seat sofa is one of the best finds from Wayfair. It’s a neutral colour and a modern design but has the three cushions at the back plus the extra side cushions.

17. Alden Velvet Sofa

This sofa has a modern shape. And I love the channelled detail on the sofa back. It comes in two velvet colour choices. A forest green or a navy blue. 

18. Reese Curved Sofa

The curved back on this sofa give it a soft look even though it’s a contemporary furniture piece.


 A simple but beautiful piece with a bottom wood trim detail. Available in a wide variety of fabrics to suit your preference.

Curved boucle sofa from Anthropologie

20. Lemieux et Cie Rouen Sofa

If you’re looking for something different. Then this curved Boucle sofa with a bench cushion could be it. A definite statement piece! Just make sure you measure your space. 

Holden Grey Tufted Sofa With Bench Cushion from CB2

21. Holden Grey Tufted Sofa

This sofa is perfect for apartments. As it is small and light to lift. It has a little more detail on the back of the sofa thanks to the tufted style. Being a track arm sofa it is another great find for a modern and small living room. 

Miramar Bench Cushion Sofa  from Serena and Lily

22. Miramar Sofa

I love how open this sofa feels with its roll arms. The curve of the back seat gives it a sense of elegance. And the deep cushion seat gives it the cozy element. 

Denver Velvet Sofa from Anthropologie

23. DENVER Sofa

A relaxed plush style sofa, available in 3 lengths 70”, 80” and 90”.

That rounds up the bench cushion sofas! And everything else you need to know about choosing the right sofa for you.


Bench Cushion Sofa Favourites

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