12 Cozy Blanket Throws To Cuddle Under At Home

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Maybe wherever you are at the moment it’s not that cold! But here in Brum it’s been freezing! I’m not sure how I ever adjusted to those Canadian winters! Some how I did! Even though it was Valentine’s weekend I don’t think too many people have been venturing out far with us still in lockdown and the cold weather. This weekend and (probably more to come) has been all about staying indoors cuddled up at home under a couple of blanket throws. Waiting for the cold and and the lockdown to pass over!

I have no problem being at home at the moment! With the weather being like this, it gives me extra reasons to buy some decor items to get even more cozy at home. These are some of the nicest and coziest looking I’ve found while browsing online.

Source: Made

A gorgeous soft textured faux fur chevron blanket throw to get cozy for those extra cold days.

Source: H&M Home

This lightweight wool throw blanket from H&M adds some pretty detailing with the herringbone pattern and the fringed edges. Gorgeous but understated and ultra soft!

Source: Citizenry

Alpaca wool can be on the pricey side but it’s so soft and luxurious. If you or anyone in your family has allergies, this alpaca wool throw is also hypoallergenic which is a bonus. Plus the Peruvian pattern woven into the throw is gorgeous!

Source: Trouva

If you use your soft furnishings to inject a bit of colour and vibrancy into the room then this reversible throw is a great option. The print and the playful colours will add some fun to the room.

This black and white speckled throw will look great styled in almost any living room. And it looks super soft!

Source: Trouva

Another colourful throw, with a cute rainbow stripe blanket.

Source: Trouva

Having a chunky knit throw is the best to cover up with for a lazy weekend!

Source: John Lewis

The bouclé textures are definitely having a moment in the trends right now. This bouclé plum throw is one to cover up during the winter months.

This embroidered cotton throw adds a stylish touch to the living room or bedroom space while keeping you warm.

I love that this confetti throw is quite neutral over all but the coloured flecks over the blanket add a bit more interest to the look.

Source: John Lewis

How pretty is this floral patchwork quilt?! It’s so on trend with the cottagecore style if that’s a look you’re thinking of adopting. A perfect look for a bedroom or bring down to the living room.

Source: Trouva

A beautiful herringbone pattern throw in an olive green and ivory colour way is a classic look for a living room seating area.

Which blanket throws are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

12 Cozy Blanket Throws To Cuddle Under At Home: When it's cold outside and you feel like a relaxing and lazy day at home is in order here are some cute blankets to stock up at home for the living room and bedroom. @chloedominik #throwblanket #throwblanketoncouch #throwblanketoncouchlivingrooms #shopblankets #blanketthrow #livingroomthrowblanket

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